Fictional Cousins Beach in The Summer I Turned Pretty

5 Beaches That Could Be the Real-Life Cousins Beach

If you’ve been captivated by the Amazon Prime series “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” you’re probably as enchanted by the setting as you are by the storyline. Cousins Beach, the fictional backdrop for Belly’s summer escapades, is a place we all wish we could visit.

But what if I told you there are real beaches that could easily double as Cousins Beach? Intrigued? Let’s dive in!

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1. Cape Cod, Massachusetts: The Quintessential Summer Getaway

Cape Cod Massachusetts
Image Source: New England

Cape Cod is one of the first inspirations for Cousins Beach, according to Jenny Han. Known for its quaint villages, seafood shacks, and lighthouses, Cape Cod offers a classic American summer experience.

The beaches here are perfect for long walks, building sandcastles, or simply soaking up the sun—just like Belly would do at Cousins Beach.

2. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts: The Island Paradise

Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts

Another Massachusetts gem, Martha’s Vineyard is a popular summer colony that offers a mix of sandy beaches and charming small towns. The island’s relaxed vibe and scenic beauty make it a perfect stand-in for Cousins Beach.

Imagine Belly and Conrad sharing a quiet moment on one of the secluded beaches here.

3. The Hamptons, New York: The Glamorous Escape

The Hamptons New York
Image Source: Hotels

The Hamptons offer a blend of natural beauty and high-society glamour. With its pristine beaches and upscale boutiques, it’s easy to picture the characters from “The Summer I Turned Pretty” fitting right in.

Whether it’s a bonfire party or a quiet evening watching the sunset, The Hamptons have it all.

4. Nags Head, North Carolina: The Southern Charm

Nags Head North Carolina
Image Source: Southern Living

Nags Head is another beach that inspired the setting of Cousins Beach. Located in North Carolina, this beach offers a different flavor with its Southern charm.

The wide beaches and towering sand dunes provide the perfect setting for a summer of romance and drama, much like the series itself.

5. Outer Banks, North Carolina: The Adventurous Spirit

Outer Banks North Carolina
Image Source: CN Traveler

The Outer Banks are a string of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina, offering a more adventurous beach experience.

Known for its history and natural beauty, it’s a place where you can imagine the characters embarking on a summer adventure, finding hidden treasures, and making memories that last a lifetime.


While Cousins Beach may be a fictional place, the essence of it lives on in these real-life locations. Each of these beaches offers a unique slice of what makes Cousins Beach so special in “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”

So why not plan a visit and create your own summer memories?

Written by Siddhi Vishesh