Snowfall Season 7

Snowfall Season 7: Is It Happening? Everything You Need To Know

When John Singleton, Eric Amadio, and Dave Andron unveiled Snowfall in 2017, little did we know that it would redefine the crime drama genre. Set against the vibrant and volatile backdrop of 1980s Los Angeles, the series wasn’t just about the rise of crack cocaine; it was a poignant exploration of dreams, despair, and destiny.

The streets of LA became a character in themselves, echoing with the aspirations of young Franklin Saint and resonating with the covert operations of CIA agent Teddy McDonald. From the bustling neighborhoods to the dark alleys, Snowfall captured the essence of a city on the brink of a socio-political upheaval.

Table of information about “Snowfall Season 7” and related aspects:

CreatorsJohn Singleton, Eric Amadio, Dave Andron
Premiere DateJuly 5, 2017
Number of Seasons6
Reason for EndingCreators felt the story reached its natural conclusion
Lead CharacterFranklin Saint
Portrayed ByDamson Idris
Setting1980s Los Angeles
Major ThemesCrack cocaine epidemic, ambition, power, socio-political implications
Critical AcclaimLauded for storytelling, character development, and authentic portrayal
AwardsMultiple nominations and wins across various categories
Spinoff PotentialHigh, especially for characters like Wanda and Leon
LegacyRedefined the crime drama genre, sparked socio-political conversations
Fan BaseGlobal, with strong engagement on social media and online platforms
MerchandiseT-shirts, posters, and more featuring iconic quotes and images from the series
Digital FootprintStrong presence on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit
Cultural ImpactInfluenced modern TV crime dramas, sparked real-world discussions on the crack epidemic

The Journey of Snowfall


Six seasons, countless twists, and a roller-coaster of emotions – Snowfall was more than just a series; it was an experience.

From Season 1 to 6

The narrative arc of Snowfall was a masterclass in storytelling. Beginning with a young and ambitious Franklin, we witnessed his meteoric rise in the drug trade. But as the stakes got higher, so did the costs. Relationships were tested, loyalties were questioned, and every victory came with its share of losses.

By the time we reached Season 6, the landscape had changed. Franklin, once the king of his domain, faced challenges from all fronts. The very empire he built threatened to crumble, and the lines between friends and foes blurred.

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The Heart of Snowfall

At its core, Snowfall was a human story. It was about choices and consequences, dreams and nightmares, and the thin line between right and wrong.

Franklin Saint’s Rise and Fall

Franklin Saint wasn’t just a character; he was an embodiment of ambition. From his early days as a small-time dealer to his reign as a drug lord, his journey was both inspiring and tragic. With every decision, he shaped his destiny, and as the series progressed, we saw the weight of those choices bearing down on him.

His relationships, especially with his family and close friend Leon, added layers to his character. The dynamics with his aunt Louie and uncle Jerome showcased the complexities of mixing family with business. And as the external threats grew, so did the internal conflicts, leading to a finale that left fans reeling.

The Ensemble Cast

Snowfall Cast

Snowfall’s brilliance wasn’t just limited to its lead character. The ensemble cast, each with their unique arcs, added depth and dimension to the narrative.

Key Characters and Their Roles

Leon, Franklin’s right-hand man, showcased loyalty and conflict. Teddy McDonald, the CIA operative with a mission, brought intrigue and suspense. Lucia Villanueva and Gustavo ‘El Oso’ Zapata represented the cartel’s side, highlighting the global nature of the drug trade. Each character, from Jerome Saint’s muscle to Louie’s strategic mind, played a pivotal role in the Snowfall saga.

The Final Bow

Every story has an end, and for Snowfall, Season 6 was its curtain call. But why did it conclude? Was it a premature end, or was it a fitting finale?

Why Season 6 was the End

The decision to end Snowfall with Season 6 wasn’t taken lightly. The creators felt that the narrative had reached its logical conclusion. Stretching it further might have diluted its impact. The series concluded on its terms, leaving behind a legacy of storytelling excellence.

The Legacy of John Singleton

John Singleton Snowfall

John Singleton wasn’t just a creator; he was a visionary. With Snowfall, he painted a canvas that was as raw as it was real. His understanding of Los Angeles, its culture, and its challenges gave the series an authenticity that resonated with audiences worldwide.

Singleton’s untimely passing in 2019 left a void, not just in the world of Snowfall, but in the broader realm of storytelling. His commitment to showcasing the African-American experience, coupled with his cinematic brilliance, made him a beacon in the entertainment industry. Snowfall stands as a testament to his genius, a legacy that will continue to inspire generations.

The World of Snowfall

World of Snowfall

Beyond the characters and the plot, Snowfall created a world that was immersive and intricate. The series didn’t shy away from showcasing the grim realities of the 1980s crack epidemic.

Setting and Themes

The bustling streets of Los Angeles in the 1980s, with its vibrant culture and looming dangers, became a character in its own right. The series delved into themes of power, race, socio-economic disparities, and the American Dream’s duality. It highlighted the systemic challenges, from corrupt law enforcement to political agendas, that fueled the drug trade.

The Controversy

No groundbreaking series is without its share of controversies, and Snowfall was no exception. The decision to end the series with Season 6 sparked debates and discussions among fans and critics alike.

While some felt that the series had reached its natural conclusion, others believed there was more to explore, more stories to tell. Online petitions and social media campaigns showcased the fans’ passion and their longing for a Snowfall Season 7. The series’ end was not just the culmination of a story; it marked the end of an era that had captivated audiences for years.

Spinoffs and Future

With a world as rich and diverse as Snowfall, the possibilities for spinoffs and future explorations are endless.

The Potential of a Wanda Spinoff

Wanda, with her complex character arc and evolution, has the potential to lead a spinoff. Her journey, from being entangled in the drug world to seeking redemption, offers a narrative that can be both compelling and distinct from the original series.

The Lasting Impact

Snowfall Impact

Snowfall’s impact goes beyond its ratings and viewership numbers. It has left an indelible mark on the crime drama genre, raising the bar for storytelling, character development, and thematic depth.

How Snowfall Changed TV Crime Dramas

Before Snowfall, crime dramas often treaded familiar paths. But Snowfall, with its nuanced portrayal of the drug trade and its socio-political implications, redefined the genre. It wasn’t just about the rise and fall of a drug lord; it was a reflection of society, its challenges, and its ever-evolving dynamics.

The Fans’ Perspective

At the heart of Snowfall’s success was its loyal fanbase. Their engagement, passion, and unwavering support played a pivotal role in making the series a cultural phenomenon.

Reactions and Hopes for Season 7

The longing for a Snowfall Season 7 is palpable among fans. While they cherish the memories and moments the series gave them, there’s a hope, a desire, for more. Social media platforms are abuzz with fan theories, alternate endings, and hopes for a potential revival or spinoff.

Behind the Scenes

Every great show is backed by a team of dedicated professionals working tirelessly behind the scenes. Snowfall was no exception. From its inception to its final episode, a team of writers, directors, producers, and crew members brought the world of Snowfall to life.

The Creators and Their Vision

John Singleton, Eric Amadio, and Dave Andron, the masterminds behind Snowfall, had a clear vision for the series. They wanted to tell a story that was both personal and political, a narrative that delved deep into the intricacies of the crack epidemic while also exploring the human stories at its core.

The Production Challenges

Producing a period drama is never easy. The team had to ensure that every detail, from the costumes to the sets, was authentic to the 1980s. This required extensive research, meticulous planning, and a commitment to authenticity.

The Crack Epidemic

At the heart of Snowfall was the crack epidemic that ravaged the United States in the 1980s. But the series did more than just depict the rise of crack cocaine; it delved deep into its socio-political implications.

Real-life vs. Snowfall’s Depiction

While Snowfall was a work of fiction, it drew heavily from real-life events. The series showcased the devastating impact of crack cocaine on communities, the role of the CIA in the drug trade, and the systemic challenges that fueled the epidemic.

The FX Network

Snowfall FX

FX, known for its bold and groundbreaking content, was the perfect home for Snowfall. The network’s commitment to storytelling excellence ensured that Snowfall had the creative freedom to explore complex themes and narratives.

Snowfall’s Home and Success

Over the years, Snowfall became one of FX’s flagship shows. Its ratings, critical acclaim, and fan engagement made it a standout series in FX’s impressive lineup.

The Global Reach

While Snowfall was set in Los Angeles, its impact was global. The series resonated with audiences worldwide, making it a truly international phenomenon.

Snowfall’s Popularity Worldwide

From Europe to Asia, Snowfall’s themes of power, ambition, and societal challenges struck a chord with audiences. The series was not just a hit in the United States; it garnered a loyal fanbase across the globe.

The Awards and Recognition

Snowfall’s excellence did not go unnoticed. Over the years, the series received numerous awards and nominations, cementing its place as one of the best crime dramas of its time.

Snowfall’s Achievements

From acting accolades for Damson Idris to recognition for its writing and direction, Snowfall’s trophy cabinet is a testament to its brilliance. The series not only won awards but also the hearts of critics and fans alike.

The Unforgettable Moments

Every Snowfall fan has their list of unforgettable moments from the series. From heart-wrenching tragedies to thrilling cliffhangers, Snowfall gave us scenes that will be etched in our memories forever.

Iconic Scenes from the Series

Whether it was Franklin’s confrontations with his adversaries or the emotional moments with his family, Snowfall had no shortage of iconic scenes. These moments, filled with tension, emotion, and drama, are a testament to the series’ storytelling prowess.

The Music of Snowfall

Music plays a pivotal role in setting the tone and atmosphere of a series, and Snowfall was no exception. The soundtrack, a blend of 80s hits and original scores, added depth and dimension to the narrative.

Soundtrack and Score

From soulful ballads to pulsating beats, Snowfall’s music was a character in its own right. It transported viewers to the vibrant streets of 1980s LA, capturing the era’s essence. The original scores, on the other hand, underscored the series’ emotional beats, enhancing pivotal moments and adding layers to the narrative.

The Cultural Impact

Beyond its entertainment value, Snowfall sparked conversations and debates. It shed light on a dark chapter in American history, prompting discussions on systemic racism, socio-economic disparities, and the far-reaching consequences of political decisions.

How Snowfall Influenced Conversations

Snowfall wasn’t just a series; it was a cultural phenomenon. It prompted viewers to question, reflect, and engage in meaningful conversations. By showcasing the crack epidemic’s human cost, it humanized statistics and headlines, making the crisis personal and palpable.

The Business Side

Behind the gripping narrative and compelling characters, Snowfall was a commercial venture. And by all metrics, it was a resounding success.

Ratings, Viewership, and Revenue

Snowfall consistently delivered impressive ratings, making it one of FX’s most-watched series. Its viewership numbers, both domestically and internationally, showcased its global appeal. The series also generated significant revenue through syndication, streaming rights, and merchandise sales.

The Digital Footprint

In today’s digital age, a series’ success isn’t just measured by its TV ratings. Online engagement, from social media buzz to streaming numbers, plays a crucial role. And Snowfall dominated the digital realm.

Snowfall on Social Media

From trending hashtags to viral memes, Snowfall’s presence on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit was undeniable. Fans dissected episodes, shared theories, and celebrated their favorite moments, making Snowfall a digital sensation.

The Merchandise and More

Snowfall’s impact wasn’t just limited to the screen. It extended to merchandise, from T-shirts to posters, allowing fans to showcase their love for the series.

From T-shirts to Posters

Snowfall’s merchandise became a rage, with fans flaunting T-shirts, hoodies, and posters. These items, often adorned with iconic quotes and images from the series, became a testament to its cultural impact.

The Endings and Cliffhangers

Snowfall was known for its gripping endings and nail-biting cliffhangers. Each season finale left viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Season Finales Explored

From power shifts to personal betrayals, Snowfall’s season finales were a masterclass in storytelling. They raised stakes, introduced new challenges, and set the stage for the next chapter, ensuring viewers remained hooked.

The Reviews and Critics

While Snowfall enjoyed immense love from fans, it also received acclaim from critics. Its nuanced portrayal of the crack epidemic, coupled with stellar performances, made it a favorite among reviewers.

What the Experts Said

Critics lauded Snowfall for its authenticity, character development, and narrative depth. Publications, from entertainment magazines to mainstream newspapers, celebrated its storytelling prowess, often highlighting its socio-political relevance.

The Fans’ Wishlist

While Snowfall concluded with Season 6, fans’ wishes and hopes remain alive. From spinoffs to reunion specials, the Snowfall community continues to dream and discuss potential future ventures.

What Could Have Been in Season 7

The longing for Snowfall Season 7 remains strong. Fans speculate on potential storylines, character arcs, and unresolved mysteries. While Season 7 remains a dream, the discussions and debates it sparks showcase Snowfall’s enduring legacy.


Snowfall, with its gripping narrative, complex characters, and authentic portrayal of 1980s Los Angeles, has left an indelible mark on television history. While fans may long for a Season 7, the series’ legacy is undeniable. It’s not just a show; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has sparked conversations, influenced other series, and captured the hearts of millions.

As we bid farewell to the world of Franklin Saint and Snowfall, we celebrate its brilliance, its impact, and its enduring legacy.


Why did Snowfall end with Season 6?

Snowfall’s creators felt that the narrative had reached its natural conclusion by the end of Season 6. They believed that extending the story further might dilute its essence. The decision was a blend of creative choice and a desire to conclude the series on a high note.

Is there any chance of a Snowfall spinoff?

While there’s been no official announcement regarding a spinoff, the rich world of Snowfall offers numerous possibilities. Characters like Wanda, Leon, and Teddy McDonald have the potential to lead their own stories. Fans remain hopeful, and the buzz around potential spinoffs continues to grow.

How accurate is Snowfall’s depiction of the 1980s crack epidemic?

While Snowfall is a work of fiction, it draws heavily from real-life events. The series offers a nuanced portrayal of the crack epidemic, highlighting its socio-political implications. It showcases the devastating impact of crack cocaine on communities and touches upon the alleged role of the CIA in the drug trade.

Will there be a reunion special for Snowfall?

As of now, there’s been no official word on a reunion special. However, given the series’ popularity and the fans’ enduring love, it’s a possibility that many hope for.

How has Snowfall influenced modern TV crime dramas?

Snowfall has raised the bar for storytelling in the crime drama genre. Its blend of character-driven narratives, socio-political themes, and authentic portrayal of 1980s LA has influenced a new wave of series. It’s redefined what audiences expect from crime dramas, emphasizing depth, authenticity, and relevance.

Who were the standout performers in Snowfall?

While the entire cast delivered stellar performances, Damson Idris, who played Franklin Saint, received widespread acclaim. His portrayal of Franklin’s journey, from ambition to power and eventual downfall, was lauded by both fans and critics. Other standout performers include Carter Hudson (Teddy McDonald), Isaiah John (Leon), and Angela Lewis (Aunt Louie).

Written by Kirti Kulkarni