Best Songs From Phoebe's Coffee Shop Gigs

Phoebe Buffay’s Top Songs From Central Perk

Throughout Friends’ 10 seasons, fans witness Phoebe Buffay belt out her unique brand of eccentric, folksy songs at Central Perk’s open mic nights to mixed reception. While jaded legend Sting can only muster a begrudging “that’s pretty” for her ode to a “Grandmother buried at Auschwitz,” others earn legitimate laughs and applaud.

So let’s pour a cup of Perk’s strongest brew and explore the absolute gems within Phoebe’s prolific, if perplexing, musical catalog.

1. “Ode to a Pubic Louse” Sets the Tone

Phoebe kicks off her Central Perk musical career in the pilot episode with an ode to, well, crabs. Through clever lyrics masking a taboo topic, Phoebe wins over her initial audience while introducing viewers to precisely what makes her musical stylings so special.

With lyrics like “isn’t my favorite black sweater so warm and cozy?/You don’t need my bladder, you’ve already gots yours,” it notably remains one of Phoebe’s most streamed hits even with the offbeat subject matter.

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2. “The Double-Double-Double Jointed Boy”

In Season 2, a flexible date named Jake inspires Phoebe to pen a funky song chronicling his unique ability to contort body parts at will.

With weirdly sweet sentiments like “those looks he shoots when he turns himself inside out/how he loves to show off for you-woo!,” it captures that unmistakable Phoebe Buffay brand of quirky romance beautifully.

3. Celebrating “The Flame of Love”

There’s no scenario too strange for Phoebe to encapsulate within melody, including witnessing an elderly couple openly romping in Monica’s massage parlor in Season 7. Yet she transforms the outlandish experience into an upbeat, inspirational anthem about rekindling passion in old age.

When the pair catch Phoebe’s street corner tribute, even their cringe fades seeing strangers appreciate their lasting “flame of love.”

4. Embracing Gray “Smelly Cat” Remixes

No list celebrating Phoebe Buffay’s musical gifts is complete without mentioning signature song ”Smelly Cat.” While her pithy, absurdist ode bemoaning a chronically stinky feline stood on its own, celebrity remixes only elevated it further into icon status.

Though Phoebe herself didn’t technically create revised takes with Chrissie Hynde or the broadway cast of Cats, hearing her ‘90s coffee shop jam explode into mainstream prominence had to warm her oddball soul.

Whether softly strumming outside Central Perk or blowing away jazz clubs downtown, Phoebe’s heartfelt melodies made the everyday bizarrely beautiful through song. So let her signature stylings continue gracing street corners, quirky albums and musical biopics worldwide forevermore!

Written by Barkha