Best Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

Top 7 Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked by Laughs

Throughout its 10 season run, Friends gifted fans with some gloriously chaotic Thanksgiving episodes packed with more laughs than even Monica’s excessively elaborate feast spreads. From the Gellar Cup reveal to Rachel’s beef trifle disaster, here’s a look back at the absolute best moments from across all Friends Thanksgiving specials.

Monica's Iconic Thanksgiving Dance

1. Monica’s Iconic Thanksgiving Dance

In Season 6’s aptly named episode “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs,” Monica debuts a now iconic routine while preparing Thanksgiving dinner alone in the apartment. Clad in nothing but an oversized shirt and Timberlands, she whips up everything from mashed potatoes to candied yams while shimmying her heart out.

Courtney Cox ultimately nails the passionate yet silly performance that perfectly encapsulates Monica’s Type A intensity.

Floating Heads Fiasco

2. The Floating Heads Fiasco

What’s Thanksgiving without family drama? When Chandler accidentally reveals his dislike of dogs, Monica vengefully adds a synthetic dog snout onto every photo of her betrothed around the apartment.

But the rest of the gang soon follow suit, ultimately bathing the entire room in detached Chandler heads. It’s as surreal as it is gut busting, making it undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable moments among all Friends Thanksgiving episodes.

Joey's Head Gets Stuck

3. Joey’s Head Gets Stuck

In the aptly named Season 8 episode “The One With the Rumor,” Monica invites high school pal Will along with Brad Pitt, who once started a vicious rumor about Rachel in their teens. But while the A-list cameo delights, Joey steals the spotlight by getting his entire head lodged inside Monica’s turkey after trying to scare Chandler.

Watching the lovably pathetic actor flail around the room with an oversized poultry carcass swallowing his noggin cements this moment as peak comedy gold.

Rachel's Beef Trifle Debacle

4. Rachel’s Beef Trifle Debacle

Among Friends most relatable moments comes in Season 6 when a rushed Rachel attempts to simultaneously prepare a last-minute dessert and read one of Monica’s cooking magazines. The result?

A horrifying concoction that melds trifle ingredients like custard and ladyfingers together with minced meat and peas after pages stick together. Though her friends choke it down to spare her feelings, their priceless reactions solidify this scene as one of Thanksgiving’s funniest across television history.

Joey vs. Ross – The Epic Football Faceoff

5. Joey vs. Ross – The Epic Football Faceoff

What’s Thanksgiving without some friendly competition? In Season 3, Joey and Ross battle it out in an intensely silly football match for ultimate control of the remote on Monica’s new “driveway” (aka the open space connecting apartments).

Though subtle moments shine – like Phoebe casually revealing a secret nicotine addiction via empty cups – Joey and Ross’ childlike trash talk and enthusiasm in the impromptu faceoff makes it a perfectly Friends way to work off the turkey.

Chandler Reveals His Toeless Secret

6. Chandler Reveals His Toeless Secret

When Monica accidentally drops a knife onto Chandler’s foot in Season 5’s Thanksgiving episode, it sets off a wild and hilarious chain of events. Namely, Chandler admitting that when his pinky toe got severed years earlier, he never had it reattached out of embarrassment.

Throw in a stolen artifact toe from Joey’s museum movie set and Monica’s obsessive need to rectify Chandler’s secret shame for good chaotic fun. After all, what’s Thanksgiving without gravy mixed with a touch of mayhem?

Geller Cup Comes to Light

7. The Geller Cup Comes to Light

Nothing bonds siblings more than cutthroat competition, right? At least in Monica and Ross’ case. During a Thanksgiving football match in Season 3, Joey and Chandler stumble upon an odd troll figurine, which Monica reveals marks victory in the annual Geller Cup competition with Ross.

As they faceoff for the trophy, fans gain delightful insight into the pair’s shared ruthless streak. And nothing rings in the holiday quite like seeing these ultra-competitive Geller genes in action.

With every digestible dessert disaster, absurdist injury and hyper-competitive faceoff, Friends created a legacy for Thanksgiving laughs rivaled only by the leftovers. So break out “The One With All the Thanksgivings” and relive the holiday magic yet again.

After all, who couldn’t use some additional reminders of why Friends remains the ultimate Thanksgiving comfort viewing?

Friends Thanksgiving Episodes FAQs

What Friends episode does Chandler hate Thanksgiving?

Chandler reveals his disdain for the Thanksgiving holiday in Season 5’s episode “The One With the Thanksgiving Flashbacks.” Through an extensive series of flashbacks, fans learn he associates the day with his parents divorcing when he was a child.

Does Joey get his head stuck in the turkey?

Yes! In the Season 8 Thanksgiving episode “The One With the Rumor,” Joey attempts to prank Chandler by donning an entire turkey over his head. But Joey ultimately gets comically stuck within the bird, forcing the rest of the group to help tug him free from the fowl entrapment.

Why does Rachel make a beef trifle?

In a iconic Season 6 Thanksgiving episode aptly titled “The One Where Ross Got High,” Rachel rushingly creates a hybrid beef trifle dessert after the pages in two cookbooks she references get stuck together.
The result? A simultaneously gross and hilarious layered “treat” combining ladyfingers and custard with beef and peas.

What item does Joey take from his movie set to replace Chandler’s lost toe?

After accidentally cutting off Chandler’s baby toe with a knife in Season 5, Monica and Joey scramble to find a replacement before Chandler notices.

Joey heads to a museum movie set he’s working on and returns with a “artifact” toe once worn by a former “Sir Limps-a-lot” actor, unbeknownst to Chandler.

Does Phoebe reveal a secret smoking addiction?

Yes! During the iconic Season 3 Thanksgiving football face-off between Joey and Ross, fans glimpse Phoebe discretely downing multiple cups of what the group believes is “cider.”

She later not-so-subtly admits the cups actually contained cigarettes she had hidden around Monica’s apartment to satisfy nicotine cravings.

What song does Janice sing for Chandler over the phone?

In the Season 5 Thanksgiving flashback episode, Chandler’s ex-girlfriend Janice attempts to win him back on the holiday by calling to sing “Butterfly Kisses” with painfully awkward yet perfectly cringe-inducing results.

Written by Amishi Mehra