Amber Rose Parents
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Who Are Amber Rose Parents? A Tale of Two Cultures

Amber Rose, a name that resonates with glamour, activism, and a dash of controversy, has always been a subject of public fascination. But have you ever wondered about the roots that nurtured this multifaceted personality?

In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore the intriguing world of Amber Rose’s parents, Dorothy and Michael Levonchuck, and how their unique blend of cultures shaped the woman we know today.

Table of Information about Amber Rose Parents:

Mother’s NameDorothy Rose
Mother’s OriginCape Verdean-Scottish
Father’s NameMichael Levonchuck
Father’s OriginIrish-Italian
Marital StatusDivorced
Influence on AmberSupportive, present in her and her children’s lives
Amber Rose

Amber Rose: A Glimpse into Her Early Life

Born Amber Rose Levonchuck on October 21, 1983, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Amber Rose was destined for the spotlight from a young age. But what often goes unnoticed is the rich tapestry of her heritage, a blend of Cape Verdean, Scottish, Irish, and Italian roots, thanks to her parents.

This diverse background not only shaped her unique beauty but also influenced her worldview and career choices.

The Pillars of Amber’s Life: Dorothy and Michael Levonchuck

Introduction to Amber’s Parents

Amber Rose’s parents, Dorothy Rose and Michael Levonchuck, are the epitome of a cultural melting pot. Dorothy hails from a Cape Verdean-Scottish background, while Michael brings Irish-Italian heritage to the family.

This blend of cultures created a unique environment for Amber, one that was rich in traditions, values, and a sense of belonging to multiple worlds.

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Dorothy and Michael Levonchuck - Amber Rose Parents

Dorothy’s Cape Verdean and Scottish Heritage

Dorothy Rose, Amber’s mother, is a fascinating blend of Cape Verdean and Scottish descent. Her lineage offers a rich tapestry of African and European cultures, which has been a significant influence on Amber.

Dorothy’s background not only shaped Amber’s exotic beauty but also instilled in her a sense of pride for her diverse heritage.

Michael’s Irish and Italian Roots

Michael Levonchuck, Amber’s father, brings his own set of cultural influences to the family. With Irish and Italian roots, Michael added another layer of complexity to Amber’s identity.

His background instilled in Amber a love for storytelling, a trait often associated with Irish culture, and a passion for life, a hallmark of Italian heritage.

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The Challenges of Childhood: Divorce and Its Aftermath

Amber’s parents divorced when she was young, a life-altering event that had its own set of challenges and repercussions. The divorce led Amber to make some tough choices early in life, including taking up stripping at the age of 15 to support her family.

While this period was undoubtedly difficult, it also shaped her resilience and determination, qualities she carries to this day.

Dorothy Rose: More Than Just a Mother

Dorothy’s Appearances Alongside Amber

Dorothy Rose is not just a mother but also a constant presence in Amber’s life. Whether it’s attending events or supporting Amber’s initiatives like the Amber Rose SlutWalk, Dorothy has always been by her side.

Their bond, although tested at times, remains strong and is a testament to the enduring power of a mother-daughter relationship.

The Bond Between Amber and Her Mother

Amber and Dorothy share a unique bond, one that has been both celebrated and scrutinized in the public eye. Despite the ups and downs, including a period where Amber accused her mother of being a narcissist, their relationship remains complex yet loving.

As Amber once said,

“Family is complicated, but love always finds a way.”

Controversies and Challenges in Their Relationship

Like any mother-daughter duo, Amber and Dorothy have had their share of controversies. There was a time when Amber publicly accused her mother of being a narcissist, a claim that shocked fans and raised questions about their relationship.

However, the complexities of family dynamics often defy simple explanations, and their relationship is no exception.

Michael Levonchuck: A Silent Pillar of Strength

Michael’s Role in Amber’s Life

While not as publicly visible as Dorothy, Michael Levonchuck has been a silent pillar of strength in Amber’s life. His influence, although subtle, is evident in Amber’s work ethic and her approach to life’s challenges.

Michael remarried after his divorce from Dorothy, giving Amber two half-siblings and expanding her family circle.

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His Remarriage and Amber’s Half-Siblings

Michael’s remarriage introduced Amber to a new family dynamic, complete with half-siblings. This change added another layer to her already complex family structure, enriching her life with more relationships to navigate and cherish.

Amber’s Career: A Reflection of Her Heritage

Amber Rose’s career is as diverse as her background. From modeling and acting to activism and entrepreneurship, she has dabbled in various fields, each time leaving an indelible mark.

Her parents’ diverse heritage has been a guiding force in her career, encouraging her to explore and excel in multiple avenues.

Amber as a Mother: The Next Generation

Amber Rose Children

Amber Rose is not just a public figure; she’s also a devoted mother to her two children, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz and Slash Electric Alexander Edwards. Her parents, despite their divorce, have been active grandparents, often seen sharing tender moments with their grandchildren.

This involvement reflects the close-knit family ties that Amber values and wishes to pass on to the next generation.

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Understanding Amber Rose requires delving into her roots, exploring the rich tapestry of cultures that her parents bring to the table. Dorothy and Michael Levonchuck, each with their unique heritage, have shaped Amber into the woman she is today—complex, resilient, and unapologetically herself.

In understanding her parents, we get a glimpse into the intricate world that made Amber Rose the icon she is today.


Who are Amber Rose’s parents?

Amber Rose’s parents are Dorothy Rose and Michael Levonchuck. Dorothy is of Cape Verdean and Scottish descent, while Michael has Irish and Italian roots.

What is known about Dorothy Rose’s background?

Dorothy Rose hails from a Cape Verdean-Scottish background, a blend of African and European cultures that has significantly influenced Amber.

How has Michael Levonchuck influenced Amber’s life?

Michael Levonchuck, with his Irish and Italian heritage, has been a silent yet strong influence in Amber’s life, particularly in her love for storytelling and her zest for life.

How did Amber’s parents’ divorce impact her early life?

The divorce of Amber’s parents led her to take up stripping at a young age to support her family, a decision that shaped her resilience and determination.

Are Amber’s parents involved in her children’s lives?

Yes, despite their divorce, both Dorothy and Michael are active grandparents and share a close relationship with Amber’s children.

Written by Swarnima Verma