Jaya Kelly

Who Is Jaya Kelly? The Transgender Son of R. Kelly

Jaya Kelly, also known as Jaah Kelly, is a name that has been making waves in the media, not just for being the child of the infamous R&B singer R. Kelly and dancer Andrea Lee, but for her brave journey of self-discovery and transformation.

This article delves into the life of Jaya Kelly, her transition, her relationship with her parents, and her current endeavors.

Early Life and Family

Born in 2000 in Los Angeles, California, Jaya Kelly was initially raised as a girl. She is the middle child of R. Kelly and Andrea Lee, with an older sister Joann and a younger brother Robert Jr. Despite her father’s fame and success as a Grammy-winning artist, Jaya’s childhood was not without its challenges, particularly after she began to realize her true identity.

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Realizing Her Identity

From a young age, Jaya felt different. She didn’t enjoy the things that girls her age typically did and felt more comfortable in boys’ clothing. Around the age of 6 or 7, she began to understand that she was attracted to girls.

This realization led to a lot of confusion and internal conflict, as she felt she had to choose between her identity and societal expectations.

In 2014, at the age of 14, Jaya made the brave decision to come out as transgender. She changed her name to Jaah and began living as a boy.

This decision was met with a lot of support from her family, particularly her mother, who expressed her unconditional love for Jaah regardless of his gender identity.

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Jaya Kelly Transgender son of R Kelly

Transition and Family Reaction

Jaah’s transition was a significant step in his journey of self-discovery. He expressed his desire for surgery and medication to help him transition into the person he felt he was meant to be.

His family, especially his mother, was supportive of his decision. Andrea Lee expressed her pride in her son and thanked him for his bravery.

Despite the support from his family, Jaah faced challenges from society. He was often subjected to mockery and bullying at school, and there were instances where people tried to stop him from using the boys’ restroom.

However, these experiences did not deter him from living his truth.

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Relationship with Parents

Jaah’s relationship with his parents is complex. While he is close to his mother, his relationship with his father is strained. R. Kelly’s legal issues and criminal activities have caused a rift between him and his children.

Despite this, Jaah and his siblings have managed to find strength in each other and their mother.

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Current Endeavors

Currently, Jaah is focusing on his music career. Despite the strained relationship with his father, he has followed in his footsteps in terms of his love for music.

He aspires to be a music artist and is working hard to achieve his goal.


Who is Jaya Kelly?

Jaya Kelly, also known as Jaah Kelly, is the transgender son of R&B singer R. Kelly and dancer Andrea Lee. He came out as transgender at the age of 14.

How did Jaya Kelly’s family react to her transition?

Jaya’s family, particularly her mother, was very supportive of her transition. They expressed their unconditional love and support for her.

What is Jaya Kelly currently doing?

Jaya Kelly, now known as Jaah, is currently focusing on his music career. He aspires to be a music artist.

How old is Jaya Kelly?

Jaya Kelly was born in 2000, making her 23 years old as of 2023.

How many siblings does Jaya Kelly have?

Jaya Kelly has two siblings – an older sister named Joann and a younger brother named Robert Jr.

Written by Neelam