Harlots Season 4

Harlots Season 4: Is It Cancelled?

The world of television is unpredictable. One moment, a show is the talk of the town and the next, it’s gone, leaving fans yearning for more. Such is the tale of “Harlots,” a series that delved deep into the lives of women in 18th-century Georgian London.

But what happened to Harlots Season 4? Why was it canceled? Let’s dive deep and uncover the story behind the curtains.

Show NameHarlots
Premiere DateMarch 2017
Main CharactersMargaret Wells, Lydia Quigley
Cancellation DateNine months after Season 3
Potential RevivalPossible on platforms like Amazon Prime or Acorn TV
Harlots Season 4 Cancelled

The Rise and Fall of Harlots

The Show’s Inception and Popularity

“Harlots” was not just another period drama. It was a unique blend of history, drama, and the raw realities faced by women of that era. The show was inspired by “The Covent Garden Ladies” penned by historian Hallie Rubenhold. Premiering in March 2017 on ITV Encore in the UK and Hulu in the US, the series quickly gained traction for its authentic portrayal of the era, combined with gripping storylines.

The Heart of the Story

Set against the vibrant backdrop of 18th-century London, the series revolved around Margaret Wells, played by the talented Samantha Morton. A former harlot turned brothel owner, Margaret’s life was a testament to the struggles faced by women in a male-dominated society.

With her rival, Lydia Quigley, played by the brilliant Lesley Manville, the show depicted the fierce competition and the lengths to which these women would go to ensure their survival.

The Unexpected End

After three successful seasons, fans eagerly awaited the announcement of Season 4. However, the news that came was not what they expected. Hulu, in collaboration with ITV, decided not to renew “Harlots” for a fourth season. The reasons remain somewhat shrouded in mystery.

Some speculate it might be due to viewership data, while others believe it could be a strategic decision based on the influx of new content on Hulu.

The Aftermath and Hope for Renewal


Fans’ Outcry

The cancellation news was met with disappointment and disbelief. Fans took to social media, expressing their sadness and even starting campaigns to save the show. The series had touched many with its portrayal of women’s empowerment, making its abrupt end even more heart-wrenching.

The Possibility of a Comeback

While Hulu and ITV have both decided to part ways with “Harlots,” there’s always a glimmer of hope. With streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Acorn TV, which have previously aired British programs, there’s a possibility for “Harlots” to find a new home.

Moreover, with the series now airing on BBC Two, there’s renewed hope, especially with stars like Lesley Manville expressing interest in a potential revival.


Why was Harlots canceled after three seasons?

The exact reasons remain undisclosed. However, both Hulu and ITV decided not to renew the series for a fourth season.

Could Harlots be revived on another platform?

While there’s no official news, fans hope that platforms like Amazon Prime or Acorn TV might pick up the series.

When did Harlots first premiere?

The series made its debut in March 2017.

Who were the main characters in Harlots?

The series revolved around Margaret Wells, played by Samantha Morton, and her rival Lydia Quigley, portrayed by Lesley Manville.

What was the central theme of Harlots?

The show depicted the lives of women in 18th-century Georgian London, focusing on their struggles and the world of brothels.


“Harlots” was more than just a show; it was a reflection of society, a voice for many, and a testament to the strength of women. While its cancellation is a loss, the series leaves behind a legacy that will not be forgotten.

If you’re a fan, keep the hope alive, share this article, and let’s continue the conversation about the unforgettable world of “Harlots.”

Written by Varsha Sharma