Burberry Affiliate Program

Burberry Affiliate Program: Get Upto 9% Commissions

Burberry, a name that resonates with British luxury and timeless fashion, has been a staple in the industry since 1856. But did you know that you can partner with this iconic brand through their affiliate program?

Let’s delve into the details.

What is the Burberry Affiliate Program?

The Burberry Affiliate Program is a lucrative opportunity for individuals and businesses to collaborate with one of the world’s most renowned fashion brands.

Affiliates can earn commissions by promoting Burberry’s wide array of products, including men’s and women’s fashion, accessories, footwear, and cosmetics.

How Does It Work?

Burberry offers a tiered commission structure based on sales:

  • 7% Base Commission: Earn a 7% commission on sales.
  • 8% Commission: When sales exceed £5,000.
  • 9% Commission: When sales surpass £30,000.

Affiliates are provided with various types of promotional materials, including text and email links, as well as a whopping 6199 product links to choose from.

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Benefits of the Program

  • High Commission Rates: The tiered commission structure allows for high earning potential.
  • Extensive Promotional Materials: With a plethora of links and product options, promoting Burberry has never been easier.
  • Brand Prestige: Being affiliated with a brand like Burberry adds a touch of luxury to your portfolio.

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Success of the Program

The Burberry Affiliate Program has seen considerable success, thanks in part to the brand’s iconic status and loyal customer base. Affiliates have the opportunity to tap into a market that appreciates high-quality, luxurious products, thereby earning substantial commissions.


Table of Information About the Affiliate Program:

Information CategoryDetails
Program ExistenceYes
Commission Structure7% Base, 8% over £5,000, 9% over £30,000
Promotional MaterialsText/Email Links, 6199 Product Links
Support TeamNot Disclosed
Product RangeMen’s and Women’s Fashion, Accessories, Footwear, Cosmetics

The Burberry Affiliate Program offers a unique chance to partner with a luxury brand that has stood the test of time. With high commissions and extensive promotional materials, this program is a must-consider for anyone looking to break into the luxury affiliate market.


What is the Burberry Affiliate Program?

The Burberry Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions by promoting their range of luxury products.

How Can I Join the Burberry Affiliate Program?

Details about joining are not publicly disclosed, but the program does exist and offers tiered commissions based on sales.

What Are the Benefits of Joining the Burberry Affiliate Program?

High commissions, extensive promotional materials, and the prestige of partnering with a luxury brand.

How Successful is the Burberry Affiliate Program?

Given Burberry’s strong brand and customer loyalty, the affiliate program is likely highly successful.

Can I Earn High Commissions with the Burberry Affiliate Program?

Yes, the tiered commission structure allows for high earning potential.

Written by Urmi Bisht