Derrick Lewis Wife April Davis

Who Is April Davis? All About Derrick Lewis Wife

Have you ever pondered the force that drives a titan like Derrick Lewis in the high-octane world of UFC? Beyond the muscle and might, there stands a pillar, steadfast and often unseen, shaping the life of “The Black Beast.” This is the story of April Davis, the woman who shares the life of Derrick Lewis, offering a glimpse into the heart and home of a heavyweight contender.

Derrick Lewis, known for his knockout power inside the octagon, is a man of few words when it comes to his personal life. Yet, behind the scenes, April Davis has been a constant, her influence resonating far beyond the confines of their private life.

This article delves into the fabric of their relationship, exploring the depth and dynamics that make them a formidable team.

NameApril Davis
RelationshipWife of Derrick Lewis
Marriage Year2017
Public InvolvementMinimal; values privacy
Support RoleEmotional and family stability
Derrick Lewis
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Derrick Lewis: A Brief Overview

Before we explore the life of April Davis, let’s take a moment to understand the man she supports. Derrick Lewis’s journey from a troubled youth to a UFC heavyweight is a tale of resilience. Born in New Orleans, his path was fraught with challenges, but it was his indomitable spirit that led him to the world of mixed martial arts.

With a professional record that speaks volumes of his prowess, Lewis has become a fan favorite, not just for his fighting finesse but also for his humor and humility.

April Davis

Meeting April Davis: A Love Story

It was through a familial connection that Derrick and April’s paths crossed, a meeting that would anchor Derrick’s life in ways beyond measure. April, introduced to Derrick by his cousin, became a voice on the other end of the line that piqued his interest, and eventually, the love that would come to define his personal life.

Their story is not one of public displays but of private bonds, a testament to the strength that lies in quiet companionship.

April Davis: The Woman Behind “The Black Beast”

April Davis, while a figure of curiosity to many, remains a mystery by choice. The decision to keep her life with Derrick out of the limelight is a mutual one, reflecting their shared value of privacy. What is known of April speaks to her strength and the solidity she brings to their union.

In a world where every punch and takedown is public, April represents a haven of normalcy for Derrick, a sanctuary that is as much a part of his success as his training.

April Davis Derrick Lewis

The Private Life of a Public Figure

In an era where the lives of athletes are as much a spectacle as their sports, Derrick Lewis and April Davis choose a different route. They navigate the complexities of fame with a rare discretion. Derrick, whose presence in the octagon is as large as his personality, ensures the sanctuary of his family life remains untouched by the public eye.

This deliberate separation speaks volumes of their commitment to a normal life, where the roar of the crowd fades into the background, and the simple joys of family take center stage.

Derrick and April’s Life Together

Married in 2017, Derrick and April have since built a life rich in experiences and grounded in mutual respect. Their journey together has seen the birth of their children and the growth of a bond that withstands the pressures of a public career.

April, a steadfast partner, has been the equilibrium to Derrick’s dynamic life as a fighter. Together, they have created a home that is a fortress against the chaos, a place where Derrick’s fighting spirit is tempered by the tranquility of family life.

FAQs About Derrick Lewis’s Wife

How did Derrick Lewis and April Davis meet?

Derrick Lewis and April Davis were introduced by Derrick’s cousin Kendrick. Their initial conversations over the phone quickly blossomed into a deep connection that has since stood the test of time.

How many children do they have?

Derrick and April are proud parents to three children, two boys, and a daughter, whose lives they have kept away from the public eye, cherishing the privacy and normalcy of their upbringing.

What is known about April Davis’s background?

April Davis has maintained a low profile, and not much is publicly known about her background. This privacy is a testament to the couple’s dedication to keeping their family life sacred and separate from Derrick’s public persona.

How does April Davis support Derrick Lewis’s career?

While not much is known about the specifics, it is clear that April provides a stable and supportive home environment, which is crucial for any athlete. Her support is the quiet yet powerful backbone to Derrick’s success.

What are some of the challenges they’ve faced together?

Like any couple, Derrick and April have faced their share of challenges, balancing a public career with a private life, and managing the rigors that come with being a professional athlete’s partner.

How do they maintain privacy in their public life?

Derrick and April have made a conscious choice to keep their personal life out of the spotlight. They manage this by being selective about what they share publicly and setting clear boundaries between Derrick’s professional and personal life.


April Davis may not be a name that echoes in the halls of the UFC, but within the walls of their home, she is the champion. The life and success of Derrick Lewis are as much a narrative of his own making as they are a reflection of the unwavering support of his wife.

As we celebrate the victories and the spectacle of the sport, let us also acknowledge the silent partners who bolster these warriors. April Davis, the woman behind “The Black Beast,” is a testament to the power of love and loyalty in the high-stakes world of professional fighting.

Written by Tanmay Bhatia