CoCo Vandeweghe Parents

CoCo Vandeweghe Parents: The Pillars Behind The Tennis Star

Coco “CoCo” Vandeweghe is a pro tennis player born to athletic parents. Her rise to fame and skilled game is grounded in strong family ties. Learning about the background of CoCo Vandeweghe’s encouraging mom and dad offers insight into the making of a champion.

The Tenacious Bond Behind the Scenes

CoCo’s parents shaped her fierce spirit and grit on the court. Let’s delve deeper into their stories and influence on her journey.

CoCo Vandeweghe mother Tauna Vandeweghe
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Early Years of CoCo’s Mom, Tauna Vandeweghe

Tauna set the scene for sports and success at a young age. She was born in 1952 with natural athletic talents and became a swimmer in her teen years in California. Her dedication and verve powered many wins like record-smashing State Championship titles. By 1972, Tauna qualified to represent America at the Summer Olympics.

Though she didn’t medal at the Munich Games, Tauna’s swimming strengths like endurance translated to later achievements.

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CoCo Vandeweghe

A College Encounter Leads to Love

At Stanford University in the 70s, Tauna crossed paths with a charming basketball player – Robert Mullarkey. Their rapport over shared passion for sports grew into an enduring romance. Former Brown University basketball captain Robert also came from athletic roots, with his dad playing for the New York Knicks.

After college, the active pair tied the knot. Tauna continued competitive swimming, nabbing several national records as Robert focused on his career. Alongside came two baby girls with mom’s grit and dad’s smile – first CoCo in 1990, then younger sister Kelechi.

Nurturing Gifts to Uplift the Next Generation

From crawling age, the energetic Vandeweghe daughters got immersed in sports by Robert and Tauna. CoCo showed early interest in competitive activities like soccer while Kelechi leaned toward dance. With guidance from their Olympian mom, both expanded skills across swimming, hoops, volleyball, and more.

Tauna especially pushed them to build mental and physical discipline via athletic training. Her experience gave her deep insight into channels for growth. All throughout childhood into teen years, the thoughtful parents encouraged trying new sports to uncover talents.

CoCo Vandeweghe Mom

A Key Parenting Decision That Helped Shape CoCo’s Path

A pivotal choice was when Tauna and Robert shifted from California to move near Nick Bollettieri’s famous Bradenton tennis academy in 2002. They aimed to support rising tennis star CoCo reach fuller potential with expert coaching. It involved uprooting their life as a leap of faith in their daughter.

The decision proved valuable beyond measure as it accelerated CoCo’s skills over the next critical years. She earned top junior titles and turned pro in 2008 with her parents’ steadfast belief propelling her forward.

CoCo Vandeweghe Success

How the Vandeweghes’ Care Fuels CoCo’s Ongoing Success

Behind trophy wins lies years of care and wisdom from Mr. and Mrs. Vandeweghe. Let’s glimpse all they did to uplift CoCo’s journey:

  • Imparting resilience – From Toddler tumbling to teen training camps, Tauna and Robert pushed perseverance. This built CoCo’s resilience that aids in overcoming career obstacles.
  • Encouraging exploration – They guided CoCo and her sister to try diverse sports growing up. This expanded strengths which enhanced tennis mastery.
  • Cultivating work ethics – Consistent discipline was instilled early on. Now it empowers CoCo’s dedication to rigorous training needed for the pro circuit.
  • Providing support – Robert attended almost every match of CoCo’s career until he passed in 2018. Tauna remains a pillar behind the scenes. Their care fuels CoCo through dips like injuries or changes in coaching staff.
  • Leading by example – As ex-athletes, both modeled the attitude, actions and adventurous spirit required for sports greatness. This inspires CoCo’s confidence to continue reaching for dreams.

Clearly, the Vandeweghes gifted their daughters the roots to rise. CoCo blooms today by standing on her parents’ shoulders.

Coco Vandeweghe succeeds on the strength of her family ties. Robert and Tauna – once ambitious athletes themselves – passed on traits, training, and unconditional support. Together they light CoCo’s path to keep reaching for Grand Slam glory.

Vandeweghe Family Trivia

Dig into details about the background of CoCo’s fantastic parents:

Tauna Vandeweghe– Former US Olympic swimmer (1972)<br>World rankings: 1976 – #2 in 200m backstroke<br>– Once held 15 American swimming records
Robert Mullarkey– Played basketball for Brown University<br>– Father also in NBA – Walter Mullarkey (New York Knicks)<br>– Sales executive by profession

Written by Gayatri Gupta