Impact of Social Media

The Impact of Social Media on Modern Entertainment Culture

The entertainment industry has gone through a seismic shift. It has become something we now actively participate in. There was a time when we were only consuming entertainment passively but it has all changed thanks to the social media. 

Social media has woven itself into the world of entertainment and we are here to unravel it all for you. If you are wondering how the TikTok dance trends and viral videos relate to the entertainment scenarios then you are at the right spot. There is a lot to get into, so without any delay, let’s dive in head straight. 

From Cable TV to Streaming

Do you remember the time when you couldn’t miss a single episode of your favorite show on cable TV because there was dedicated on-air time? To combat this, planning your entire schedule around an hour or two window of the day was your best bet. 

Well, thanks to streaming this changed and you could now binge-watch an entire season only over a weekend. Or maybe even a day (guilty). No more worrying about waiting an entire week for an episode to drop. Of course thanks to good internet services such as ATT Internet being available that made the unlimited streaming all the easier and merrier. 

But where did social media land in all this you might wonder? Well, it began when we got the option of the ‘share’ button landed on our streaming platforms where we could share the screen with our friends and have a viewing party. When social media became the place where we would discuss our plot theories and share our reviews. 

Global Call from the Artists

The impact isn’t limited to streaming, but also the music industry. The artists have learned to harness the power of social media reach to showcase their talent and tell their stories. Giving teasers for their project releases, or even sharing behind-the-scenes of all that is going down. 

It is all the musicians. From the pop divas to the indie stars. 

Not only can we perceive this as the artists or celebrities engaging their audience into coming towards their art – but also the concept of sponsorships. 

When a social media celebrity gets attached to a brand, the selling part becomes quite easy. With the followers “following” everything their favorite celebrities tell them to do the audience is eager to associate themselves with what they endorse. 

Be it in the form of a tea, or a clothing brand – or even a mere lipstick. Social media is the best space for them to bring forth sponsorships and call on their followers to make purchases. 

The Rise of Content Creators in Mainstream Media

The pandemic surely takes all the reigns on this one. When the novel virus hit the globe in 2020, social media saw a rise in content creators. Some grew into overnight sensations, while others saw an increase in their value. Either way, it was the time when content creators rose to their peak and are still enjoying their sweet spot even in mainstream media.

But there was a time when being an entertainer required a load of auditions – but social media brought quite the change here.

Let’s take Addison Rae as an example. From being a TikTok star to her scoring a movie on Netflix, He’s All That. It was quite a ride. Or D’Amelios as well. The sisters now have their own reality show. 

Communities & Fandoms

Social media has become the IT place for all the fandoms and communities for franchises. The Fast & Furious franchise, or the OG of them all – Marvels or many more. All the fans unite on social media platforms such as Instagram, Reddit, or Twitter and come forward with their fan theories. It’s like a global convention happening at ease where even the creators drop Easter eggs in their movies so that the fans can have their discussions online.

But these also play an important role in movies and TV shows’ plotlines. However, we really couldn’t save the ending of Game of Thrones… 

Concluding Thoughts

Now that we are standing at the cusp of the entertainment revolution, it is the perfect time to look into the crystal ball of what lies ahead. Social media has truly been a game changer for the world of entertainment, however, it is not completely done yet. 

What will be coming next in this evolving marriage of entertainment and social media? Only time will unveil the answers for us. 

However, with this amalgamation, also comes a concern for privacy, and the potential of misinformation in the virtual world. As we continue to reap the benefits of this virtual playland, we also need to stay vigilant about our cybersecurity, and every piece of information we’d be coming across. Only this will make this social media-driven entertainment a truly fun ride. 

Written by Dia