The Best New Movies Releasing on OTT Platforms in April
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The Best New Movies Releasing on OTT Platforms in April

Want to stay in and watch a movie but need to be more confident about how many new movie releases there are on OTT platforms? There’s nowhere else to look! This is a carefully picked list of the best new films available on online streaming platforms for April 2024, covering a wide range of genres and interests.

1) Kung Fu Panda 4 (VOD, April 9)

Kung Fu Panda 4, the latest installment in DreamWorks Animation’s enduring action-comedy series, released on Premium Video on Demand this week. Jack Black plays Po the Panda, the Dragon Warrior, who has been defending the Valley of Peace for the past few years while the other Furious Five are off having their adventures. Finding a replacement for Master Shifu (played by Dustin Hoffman, winner of the Academy Award), who informs Po that he is expected to retire his title and become a “spiritual leader,” is Po’s mission. In his most recent journey, Po encounters The Chameleon (Academy Award winner Viola Davis), a formidable new foe who wants to absorb the skills of every kung fu expert.

2) Lucky’s Last Adventure (Disney+, April 10)

This endearing animated movie centers on Lucky, an adventurous soul stranded in a pet retirement community. Lucky has one last unique experience when Hazel, a young wandering girl, shows up. Prepare yourself for a delightful tale about loyalty, friendship, and the value of pursuing your aspirations regardless of age.

3) Strange Way of Life (Netflix, April 12)

With the short Strange Way of Life, Academy Award winner and renowned director Pedro Almodóvar makes his next exploration into English-language cinema. Pedro Pascal (The Last of Us) and Academy Award winner Ethan Hawke (Boyhood) play long-lost buddies who reunite years later. Pascal plays Silva, a horse rider who travels across the desert to see his friend Sheriff Jake (Hawke), who has recently had his brother-in-law killed. Reunited, the two reminisce about their early years and their shared goals of owning a ranch. But Silva’s sinister secrets start to jeopardize their union.

4) The Greatest Hits (Hulu, April 12)

Lucy Boynton is set to feature in The Greatest Hits, a film with a similar subject, following her roles in Sing Street, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Chevalier. Boynton plays a young lady named Harriet, who is still in mourning after the passing of her boyfriend, Max (David Corenswet). After learning that she can listen to specific songs to travel back in time, she comes up with an unexpected solution. Harriet meets the endearing David (Justin H. Min) while trying to save her lover, and she finds herself unsure of whether to pursue her goal of getting her relationship back with Max.

5) The Family Recipe (HBO Max, April 20): 

Bring out the tissues for this heartwarming drama. Sam Jones is a young, aspirational food journalist with an eye for fashionable eateries and unusual ingredients. She is surprised when she inherits her eccentric grandmother’s failing Caribbean restaurant in Brooklyn. At first, Sam finds the traditional dishes and rustic beauty of “Granny’s Kitchen” overwhelming because he is accustomed to molecular cuisine and slick, modern kitchens. 

But when Sam digs further into the restaurant’s past, she finds a wealth of family secrets. Recipe books covered in dust hold handwritten notes and tales passed down through the years, with each dish having a secret history or folklore. Sam learns about her grandmother’s journey from a young woman in Trinidad to a prosperous restaurant in America through conversations with her extended family, creating a mosaic of resiliency, love, and cultural heritage.

6) Code Name Banshee (Amazon Prime, April 22)

Fans of action comedy, unite! This quirky movie centers on a struggling private detective who discovers information on a secret plot involving a government conspiracy, a stolen item, and a team of top assassins. Anticipate smart banter, humorous events, and some unexpected turns.

7) They Call Me Magic” (Apple TV+, April 27)

This movie is not only a documentary about sports. This in-depth story follows Earvin “Magic” Johnson from his modest upbringing in Lansing, Michigan, to his illustrious professional career as a core member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Beyond the recognizable no-look passes and NBA titles, the movie dives into Magic’s personal life, his fight against HIV, and his extraordinary commercial achievements. A variety of interviews featuring Magic, his family, teammates like Larry Bird, and notable people like Barack Obama will provide a complex picture of a man whose influence extended beyond the basketball court.

There are just too many fascinating new movie releases that will be available on OTT platforms in April to list here. Now that you’re settled into the comfort of your sofa, grab some popcorn, turn down the lights, and get ready to discover a world of exciting adventures, touching tales, and thought-provoking documentaries!

Written by Vishal