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When Prajakta Koli came into my life…

Sun is warm, the good kinda warm.

Wind isn’t that strong but it’s strong enough to make the leaves on the branches of that big tree dance.

Fans in the rooms are still confused about the speed they should run at.

And… basically, it’s just like any other day of the lockdown.

Me waking up at 8.

Not knowing what I do till 12 but still manage to make it pass like a flash.

Then, having daal-bhaat, both as lunch and as compensation to breakfast that leads to stretching and stifling tons of yawn.

But, today was different. Ask why?

Because I had Chole Bhature today and damn… I’m drooling again.

Anyways, so I had like 5 bhaturas and then, I came back to my room, lie down on the bed, take the phone out of my pocket, and read the notifications.

Surprisingly, for the very first time since this lockdown, I haven’t received any message from the office guys about any work. Should I think of it as a sign of the Universe? Like does the Universe wants me to just get into sleep and have that after Chole bhature wala sleep trance feels?

How can someone say no to the sign of the Universe!? I mean what’s ought to happen is gonna happen anyway, so I lied down and… Zzz zzz zzz.

I once read somewhere that the temperature of your room is directly proportional to having a bad dream a.k.a. the colder your room is, the worse your dream will be.

Now, I don’t know if this is inversely proportional too, or not because my room wasn’t this warm for sure to let me have a dream like this.

According to a study, only 5% of the earth’s population remember 100% of what they saw in their dream. And let me tell you, that I definitely don’t fall into that group.

I always forget the major chunks of the dreams, so below is whatever the remaining I remember:

Someone knocked on the door.

I don’t know even a bit about the room I was in but you ought to open the door when someone knocks. So, I walked to the door, uncoiled, opened, and there she was with some bags… but wait! Someone else’s with her too but I don’t exactly remember who.

Now, I was neither dumbstruck nor did I tumbled but I instead reached out to hug her, and she, resistingly replied, “Rehne de, tu itna pyaar mat jata. Abhi thodi der baad fir ladai karke baith jaayega”.

See, the funny thing about this dream is that in the dream I wasn’t the same Apoorv that I’m in real life. I was just a part of the flow. Maybe I was her boyfriend or maybe bhai, though I really wish the former one :p

“Tune banaya hain kuch khaane me?”, she asked.

“Yaar macaroni banayi thi subah, fridge me dekh”, I replied while hovering over her bags.

I heard her hitting the fridge door with a strong push and then, saw her walking angrily towards me.

“Ye do chammach macaroni choddi hain tune mere liye?”, she lashed out.

“Yaar, bohot bhookh lagi thi subah toh flow flow me main sab kha gaya shayad. Par chodd na, bahaar chalte hain. Tera favorite misal pav khayenge”, I suggested.

“Nahi yaar, itne din se bahaar hi toh kha rahi hu. Ab bahaar nahi. Chal na ghar me hi kuch banaate hain”

“Banaate hain nahi banaade! Tu jaa fresh ho le, main itne maggi bana ke laata hu”

“Awww”, she smiled with those cute puppy eyes.

“Zyaada aww mat kar. I’m not saying it out of love. Even if I say ki mil ke banaate hai, I know last me maine hi banaana hain toh bolne ka point hi kya hain”

“Maine kaha tha na thodi der me tera ladna shuru ho jaayega”

“Arey lad nahi raha hu. I’m just being straight-forwardly realistic”

“Being realistic is just an optimistic way of saying that you’re a pessimist”, she quoted.

“Aye, tu jaa re”, I mimicked Akshay Kumar.

She chuckled and went to the loo.

***Now, I don’t know what happened after this because the whole plot of the dream changed. You know how dreams are, right? At some point, you’re sitting at some beautiful beach of Bali, and at others, you’re having a chai with Maggi at some hill station like Nainital.***

So now, I’m playing carrom with my family and I saw a notification of a video call flashing on my screen. I hurriedly fetched my earphones and mobile and went to my room.

“Kutte, kabhi khud bhi phone kar liya kar”, it was her.

“Kaisi hain?”, I asked with a look much similar to a bibliophile’s who has come to a bookstore after years.

“Agar main bolti hu ki main marr rahi hu, tadap rahi hu tere bina, toh tu maanega”

“Try karle ek baar bol ke”

“Toh sun na Appu, main mar rahi hu, tadap rahi hu tere bina”, she said in a sniggering voice.

“Isshhhh! Kaash tu yahan hoti yaar. Aur han… kaash ye sach hota”

“Main wahi toh hu pagal. Apne dil se pooch”

“Ye Kaho naa pyaar hai chal rahi hain?”

“Kaho naa ko toh pata nahi magar han PYAAR zaroor chal raha hain”

That really made me blush and laugh both at the same time.

“Sun na”, she said titillatingly.

“Han, bata?”

“Hotspot khol de”, she said with a blank face.


“Net nahi chal raha. Hotspot khol de”, she said with a blank face again.

Along with trying to make a sense of what she was saying, I was hearing an echo of “hotspot… hotspot… hotspot”.

It’s then that I knew, it was a dream.

In a span of seconds, I found my bhai trying to wake me up and shouting, “Hotspot khol de”, repetitively.

It was the moment then where I was actually dumbstruck because the dream felt so real that for a minute, I was contemplating about it.

I then went to her blog and read whatever the takes of life she has written there. I also scrolled her IG feed (I don’t know why).

Dreams do come true.

If there’s even a slightest of truth in the quote above, then I would blindly choose this dream over any other to become true.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Written by apoorv