Carole Ann Boone

Carole Ann Boone: The Untold Story of Ted Bundy’s Ex-Wife

Carole Ann Boone, an ordinary woman with an extraordinary life story, is best known for her relationship with one of America’s most notorious serial killers, Ted Bundy. This article delves into the life of Boone, her relationship with Bundy, and the aftermath of their tumultuous union.

Meeting Ted Bundy

Carole Ann Boone with Ted Bundy

Boone’s romantic involvement with Bundy began in 1974, following her second divorce. They first crossed paths at the Department of Emergency Services in Olympia, Washington, where Bundy was assisting officers in their search for missing women, unbeknownst to Boone, many of whom were his victims.

Boone, described as a “lusty-tempered free spirit,” was immediately drawn to Bundy’s charm and demeanor.

The Unusual Courtship and Marriage

Despite Bundy’s arrest in Utah in 1975, Boone and Bundy’s relationship continued to strengthen. They kept in touch frequently, with Boone paying him daily visits and sending letters. Bundy even attempted to escape from prison using Boone’s smuggled money.

In 1979, while Bundy was on trial for the murders of three people, Boone and Bundy got married in the courtroom.

This unusual marriage took place during Boone’s testimony in Bundy’s defense, where she described him as a warm, patient, and kind man.

They took advantage of a loophole in Florida law that stated a declaration of marriage in front of a judge in a court was valid.

Carole Ann Boone and Ted Bundy with their daughter

The Birth of Their Daughter

Despite the restrictions in prison, Boone and Bundy found creative ways to sleep together during her visits. This resulted in the birth of their daughter, Rosa Bundy, on October 24, 1980.

Boone initially took Rosa to visit her father in prison multiple times but stopped all visits when Bundy’s guilt became undeniable.

The Painful Revelation and Divorce

In 1986, Boone made a brave choice. She decided to divorce Bundy and return to Washington with her children, James and Rose. As the day of his execution drew near, Bundy started to admit to his terrible crimes.

He confessed that he had done unspeakable things to more than thirty women.

It was a heartbreaking truth for Boone to hear. On January 24, 1989, Ted Bundy’s story came to an end. He was executed in an electric chair.

Carole Ann Boone with Ted

Life After Ted Bundy

After the painful revelation of Bundy’s crimes, Boone chose to disappear from public view and move on with her life.

She changed her name to Abigail Griffin and moved with her children to Oklahoma, seeking a fresh start. Some sources claim that Carole remarried and resumed her normal life, while others suggest different possibilities.

The Final Chapter

Rumors about Carole Ann Boone’s passing circulated four years ago. It was said that she passed away due to a condition called septic shock. Later on, it was confirmed that Carole had indeed passed away in 2018 at the age of seventy in Washington.

Her journey had come to an end, leaving behind memories and a story that will always be remembered.

Carole Ann Boone’s life intertwined with that of Ted Bundy, an infamous serial killer. Their story was filled with unexpected twists and unimaginable revelations.

When the truth about Bundy’s crimes emerged, Carole faced a painful decision. She chose to separate herself from the darkness and move forward with her children.

Carole’s strength in leaving behind the nightmare and starting afresh is truly remarkable.

Though the details of her life afterward remain a puzzle, she found the courage to rebuild her life under a new name. Sadly, Carole’s journey came to an end in 2018, but her story will forever be remembered.


Who is Carole Ann Boone?

Carole Ann Boone is best known as the ex-wife of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy. They were married from 1979 until their divorce in 1986.

How did Carole Ann Boone and Ted Bundy meet?

Boone and Bundy met in 1974 at the Department of Emergency Services in Olympia, Washington, where Bundy was assisting officers in their search for missing women.

Did Carole Ann Boone and Ted Bundy have children?

Yes, Boone and Bundy had a daughter named Rosa Bundy, who was born on October 24, 1980.

Why did Carole Ann Boone divorce Ted Bundy?

Boone divorced Bundy in 1986 after he began confessing to his crimes. She was devastated by the revelations and chose to cut ties with him.

What happened to Carole Ann Boone after her divorce from Ted Bundy?

After her divorce from Bundy, Boone changed her name to Abigail Griffin and moved to Oklahoma with her children for a fresh start. She passed away in 2018.

Did Carole Ann Boone ever remarry?

Some sources suggest that Boone may have remarried after her divorce from Bundy, but the details remain unclear.

How did Carole Ann Boone react to Ted Bundy’s execution?

Boone was deeply traumatized by Bundy’s confessions and his subsequent execution. She chose not to visit him in the years leading up to his execution and did not answer his final phone call.

Written by Raghav