Emily Compagno Husband Peter Riley

Who is Emily Compagno’s Husband, Peter Riley?

Peter Riley, a former data analyst turned real estate agent, is the husband of Fox News host Emily Compagno. They share a private life away from the limelight, focusing on their careers and relationship.


  • Peter Riley is Emily Compagno’s husband.
  • He was a data analyst before becoming a real estate agent.
  • Emily and Peter met in high school and married in 2017.
  • They have a strong, private relationship.

Have you ever wondered about the person behind a famous TV star? Emily Compagno, known for her role on Fox News, has a husband who’s just as interesting as she is. His name is Peter Riley, and there’s more to him than just being the spouse of a celebrity. Let’s dive into his life and find out who he really is.

Peter Riley

Who is Peter Riley?

Peter Riley was born in 1979 in Portland, Oregon. He started his career as a data analyst but later found his passion in the real estate industry. This career change was a big step, showing his ability to adapt and succeed in different fields.

The Love Story of Emily and Peter

Emily and Peter’s love story is like a fairy tale. They first met in high school but only started dating years later after bumping into each other in Seattle. Their relationship grew stronger over time, leading to their beautiful wedding at Villa Cimbrone in Italy in 2017.

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Peter Riley’s Career Journey

Peter’s journey from data analysis to real estate is inspiring. He has made a name for himself in the real estate world, working with top companies and selling many properties. His success shows how hard work and dedication can lead to great achievements.

Emily Compagno

Life with Emily Compagno

Peter and Emily have a special bond. They manage to keep their personal life private while both having successful careers. They share common interests and values, which makes their relationship strong.

Challenges and Triumphs

Like any couple, Emily and Peter have faced rumors and challenges. Despite rumors of a divorce, they have stayed together, proving their love and commitment to each other.


Peter Riley may be known as Emily Compagno’s husband, but he is much more. His successful career switch and his strong relationship with Emily show his dynamic personality and commitment to both his professional and personal life.

People Also Ask

Does Emily Compagno have children with Peter Riley?

No, Emily and Peter do not have children yet.

How did Emily and Peter meet?

They met in high school and reconnected years later in Seattle.

What is Peter Riley’s net worth?

Peter Riley’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million, thanks to his successful real estate career.

Written by Kirti Kulkarni