Rick Leventhal News Anchor

10 Surprising Facts About Rick Leventhal’s Career

Rick Leventhal has been a prominent figure in American journalism for decades. While you may know him for his long-standing role as a senior correspondent for Fox News, there’s much more to his career than meets the eye.

Here are 10 surprising facts about Rick Leventhal’s career that you probably didn’t know!

1. He Spent a Decade in Local News Before Joining Fox

Before becoming a household name on Fox News, Rick Leventhal spent 10 years honing his skills in local news markets. He reported and anchored in cities like Columbia, Spartanburg, West Palm Beach, Miami, Chicago, and New York City.

2. He’s Been to War Zones Nearly Two Dozen Times

Rick Leventhal is no stranger to danger. He has been to war zones almost 24 times, including five trips to Iraq, four to Afghanistan, and multiple journeys to Israel, Albania, Macedonia, and Libya.

3. He Was One of the First Reporters on the Scene During 9/11

Rick was one of the first reporters to arrive at the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks. His courageous reporting provided invaluable insights before the towers fell.

4. He Embedded with the U.S. Marine Corps in Iraq

In 2003, Rick spent nine weeks in Kuwait and Iraq, embedded with the United States Marine Corps. He crossed the border and advanced to the outskirts of Baghdad, providing firsthand accounts of the war.

5. He Covered Natural Disasters for Over Two Decades

Rick has been dispatched to numerous natural disasters during his 24-year reporting career. He’s ridden out major hurricanes like Katrina, Rita, Andrew, and Hugo and covered the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

6. He Was Live on Scene for The Miracle on the Hudson

Rick was live on the scene when Captain “Sully” Sullenberger safely landed a plane on the Hudson River, a moment that captured the world’s attention.

7. He Covered the Death and Funeral of Pope John Paul II

Rick traveled to Vatican City to cover the death and funeral of Pope John Paul II and the selection of his successor, showcasing his versatility as a journalist.

8. He Took a Ride in an F-15 with the Massachusetts Air National Guard

Not many journalists can say they’ve flown in an F-15, but Rick Leventhal can. He took a ride with the Massachusetts Air National Guard, adding another unique experience to his career.

9. He Provided Live Coverage of Osama bin Laden’s Killing

Rick was on air, providing live coverage when the news broke about the killing of Osama bin Laden, marking another significant moment in his career.

10. He Covered the 10-Year Commemoration of the September 11 Attacks

A decade after his initial 9/11 coverage, Rick was there to cover the 10-year commemoration of the attacks, bringing his career full circle.

Rick Leventhal’s career is a testament to the power of journalism and the impact it can have on society. From war zones to natural disasters, he’s been there, reporting on some of the most significant events of our time.

These 10 surprising facts only scratch the surface of a career filled with courage, versatility, and dedication.

Written by Kritika Oberai