How Float N Grills Net Worth Flipped the Grill Industry Post Shark Tank
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How Float N Grill’s Net Worth Flipped the Grill Industry Post Shark Tank

Float N Grill’s estimated net worth post Shark Tank is around $1.2 million, showcasing its successful journey in revolutionizing water-based grilling.

Have you ever wondered how a simple idea can turn into a big success? That’s exactly what happened with Float N Grill. They faced a big problem: how to enjoy grilling without the hassle on a boat. They agitated the issue by thinking outside the box. And guess what? They solved it by creating a floating grill! This story is all about their journey and how they made it big after Shark Tank.

Company NameFloat N Grill
FoundersMike Bashawaty and Jeremy Quillico
ProductPortable, floating grill
Shark Tank AppearanceSeason 12, Episode 24
Deal Secured$200,000 for 22.5% equity, plus 50% of licensing deals
Float N Grill Net WorthEstimated $1.2 million (Post Shark Tank)
Key ChallengesCompetition, patent issues, operational challenges
Current StatusActive, focusing on sales and product line expansion
Industry ImpactInnovated in portable grilling, influencing leisure grilling trends

The Start of Something Big

Float N Grill’s Early Days Once upon a time, two friends, Mike Bashawaty and Jeremy Quillico, had a cool idea. They loved hanging out on boats but were tired of boring sandwiches. So, they thought, “Why not make a grill that floats?” And that’s how Float N Grill was born. They worked hard, but it wasn’t easy. They even tried getting money through Kickstarter, but it didn’t work out.

The Big Break on Shark Tank

Float N Grill’s Shark Tank Adventure Then came their big chance! They went on a TV show called Shark Tank. They asked for money from the Sharks to grow their business. They had a tough time convincing them, but then Daniel Lubetzky, a smart businessman, saw something special. He made a deal with them, and that changed everything!

The Big Break on Shark Tank Float N Grill Net worth
Source: M Live

Growing the Business

Making Money and Growing After Shark Tank, Float N Grill started doing really well. They sold lots of grills and made good money. People liked their floating grill because it was new and fun. The deal they made on Shark Tank helped them grow even more.

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Facing Challenges

Not Always Smooth Sailing But it wasn’t all easy. They had to face some tough times too. There were other companies making grills, and sometimes things didn’t go as planned. They even had some problems with their invention and had to figure out how to fix them.

What’s Happening Now?

Float N Grill Net Worth Today, Float N Grill is still around. They’re not just selling grills; they’re thinking of new ideas to make their business even better. They’ve learned a lot and are still working hard to be a big name in the grill world.

Float N Grill Net Worth Today


The Story of Success So, what can we learn from Float N Grill? That a good idea, hard work, and a little help can lead to big things. They started with just an idea and turned it into a successful business. That’s pretty awesome, right?

TL;DR: Key Points of Float N Grill Net Worth

  • Net Worth: Estimated Float N Grill net worth post-Shark Tank is around $1.2 million.
  • Early Days: Conceptualized by Mike Bashawaty and Jeremy Quillico, inspired by a need for better grilling on boats.
  • Shark Tank Breakthrough: Secured a deal with Daniel Lubetzky, boosting brand visibility and business growth.
  • Sales Growth: Post Shark Tank, experienced a surge in sales and public interest.
  • Challenges: Faced competition, patent issues, and operational challenges.
  • Current Status: Continues to operate with plans for expansion and new product lines.

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People Also Ask About Float N Grill Net Worth

What is Float N Grill?

Float N Grill is a unique, portable grill that floats on water, designed for use during water-based activities like boating.

Who invented Float N Grill?

Mike Bashawaty and Jeremy Quillico, two friends who wanted a better way to grill while on their boating adventures.

How did Float N Grill fare on Shark Tank?

They struck a deal with Daniel Lubetzky, securing a $200,000 investment for 22.5% equity and a share in licensing deals.

What challenges did Float N Grill face?

They encountered competition, operational hurdles, and patent-related issues, which they navigated post Shark Tank.

Is Float N Grill still in business?

Yes, as of the latest updates, Float N Grill continues to operate, focusing on sales and expanding their product line.

How has Float N Grill impacted the grilling industry?

It introduced an innovative approach to grilling, combining leisure and convenience, and has influenced portable grilling trends.

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