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What Happened to Puka Nacua’s Dad?

Puka Nacua, the sensational wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams, has been making waves in the NFL. But behind his success lies a heartwarming and emotional story about his father, Lionel Nacua, who played a pivotal role in shaping his football career. Dive into this tale of passion, legacy, and inspiration.

Table of Information About What Happened to Puka Nacua’s Dad:

Full NameLionel Nacua
Relation to PukaFather
Cause of DeathComplications from diabetes
Age at Death45
LegacyInspired Puka and his brothers to play football, especially at BYU

Puka Nacua: The Rising Star of the NFL

Puka’s journey in the NFL has been nothing short of remarkable. From setting records for the most receptions in a game by a rookie to becoming an indispensable asset for the Rams, his rise to stardom is awe-inspiring.

Lionel Nacua: The Pillar Behind Puka’s Success

Lionel wasn’t just a father; he was Puka’s first football coach. From making young Puka choose film breakdowns over cartoons to watching college football games together, Lionel’s passion for the sport was infectious.

The Tragic Loss: Lionel Nacua’s Untimely Demise

In 2012, the Nacua family faced an unimaginable loss. Lionel passed away due to complications from diabetes at the age of 45. His dream of watching his son shine in the NFL remained unfulfilled.

The Legacy of Lionel: Puka’s Emotional Connection

Puka’s Pre-game Rituals

Before every game, Puka looks skyward, a gesture many believe is his way of connecting with his late father, seeking his blessings and drawing strength from his memories.

The Nacua Brothers: A Tribute to Their Father

The BYU Connection

Honoring their father’s wishes, all of Puka’s brothers played football at BYU, Lionel’s favorite school. This shared journey strengthened their bond and kept Lionel’s memory alive.

Puka’s Journey in College Football

From Washington to BYU

Puka’s college football journey began in Washington, but destiny had other plans. He eventually found his way back to BYU, his father’s favorite university, where he showcased his exceptional talent.

Puka’s Stellar Performance in the NFL

The Los Angeles Rams’ Gem

Puka’s performances for the Rams have been nothing short of spectacular. With each game, he continues to make his late father proud, proving that Lionel’s teachings and values live on in him.

The Touchdown Celebration: A Nod to Lionel

At BYU, Puka had a unique touchdown celebration. He would always point to the sky, a heartwarming tribute to his father, reminding everyone of the deep bond they shared.


Puka Nacua’s journey in the world of football is a testament to the profound influence of his father, Lionel. Through triumphs and challenges, Puka carries Lionel’s legacy, ensuring that his spirit lives on in every game.


How did Lionel Nacua pass away?

Lionel Nacua tragically passed away in 2012 due to complications from diabetes.

Did Lionel Nacua play football?

Lionel was one of Puka’s first football coaches and instilled a love for the game in him from a young age.

Which NFL team does Puka Nacua play for?

Puka Nacua plays for the Los Angeles Rams.

Did all of Puka’s brothers play football at BYU?

Yes, honoring their late father’s wishes, all of Puka’s brothers played football at BYU.

What is Puka’s touchdown celebration at BYU?

Puka would always point to the sky to honor his deceased father.

How has Puka performed in the NFL so far?

Puka has been exceptional, setting records and becoming a key player for the Los Angeles Rams.

Written by Mausmi