Remarried Empress Chapter 161

Remarried Empress Chapter 161: Mapping Out the English Translation Timeline For Fans

Remarried Empress fans everywhere are eager to dive into the next installment of the popular manhwa series. Chapter 161 promises to pick up right after the dramatic events of Chapter 160, which left followers on the edge of their seats.

Speculation runs rampant about what could happen next to our fearless heroine, Navier, as she continues navigating imperial politics and new romantic relationships. With the webtoon’s remarkable success and ardent readership, the hunger for more content is palpable across online discussion boards.

So when can we expect the English translation of Remarried Empress chapter 161 to be released? While an exact date remains uncertain, deductive reasoning and previous release patterns provide clues. Let’s review the critical details around this highly sought-after manhwa update.

Remarried Empress Chapter 161 Webtoon
GenreRomance fantasy
First Published2019
Original LanguageKorean
Publication PlatformBomtoon
Number of Raw Chapters Published (as of Nov 2022)160
Number of Fast Pass English Chapters (Bomtoon)130
Latest Free Fan Translation (TrulyAsian)Chapter 30
Main CharacterNavier, former empress seeking independence after being cast aside by her emperor husband when he pursues a new consort
Love InterestsDuke Heinley, Commander Rashta
ThemesFemale empowerment, imperial politics, independence, new relationships

Background Information on Remarried Empress

For those new to the series, Remarried Empress is a romance fantasy manhwa written by Alphatart and originally published through Bomtoon’s digital platform. The story follows Navier, the Empress who is cast aside by her husband, Emperor Sovieshu when he grows interested in a new consort named Heinrey.

After their divorce, Navier must navigate imperial politics and schemes, all while building independence, confidence, and new relationships. Romantic prospects emerge in the form of Heinrey’s brother Heinley, a powerful duke, as well as the Devilish Commander Rashta.

As of November 2022, 160 chapters have been published in Korean. English fast pass translations by Bomtoon are around 30 chapters behind at chapter 130, while free public translations by TrulyAsian lag another 100 chapters behind.

With thousands of digital manhwa readers following the English release, interest in the next installment is palpable. Let’s look closer at what details may reveal about the chapter 161 publication date in English for both Bomtoon and TrulyAsian.

Predicting the Chapter 161 Release Date

Bomtoon’s Fast Pass English Translations As an official platform hosting fast pass translations of Remarried Empress, Bomtoon provides chapters to subscribers around a month behind the Korean releases.

Currently Bomtoon has translated up to Chapter 130. Given their average pace:

  • Chapter 131 likely published November 21, 2022
  • Chapter 132 likely publishes November 28, 2022
  • Chapter 133 likely publishes December 5, 2022

Applying a consistent four week delay, English readers could see Chapter 161 in Bomtoon’s Fast Pass section around January 9, 2023. However, holiday slowdowns often impact release schedules across online comics and translations. Building in wiggle room:

Prediction: Bomtoon Fast Pass readers will likely access Chapter 161 between January 9 and January 23, 2023.

Remarried Empress Chapter 161 English Translation

TrulyAsian’s Free Public Translations

As a fan translation site reliant on unpaid volunteers, TrulyAsian moves through chapters at varied speeds. Currently, they offer free translations up to Chapter 30.

Estimating their pace proves tricky. Chapter 29 was published on October 13, 2021. After a long pause, Chapter 30 then arrived on September 18, 2022, taking 11 months. But prior chapters came at inconsistent rates ranging from one-week to one-month delays between installments.

Applying an average 8-month estimate between the most recent chapters predicts Chapter 31 will arrive in May 2023. By that math, readers may see Chapter 161 on TrulyAsian around July 2026. However gaps could accelerate that projection.

Prediction: TrulyAsian’s free public release of Chapter 161 falls unpredictably somewhere between mid-2023 and 2026.

Remarried Empress Chapter 161 Release Date Schedule

Addressing Reader Questions and Uncertainties

Eager Remarried Empress fans closely tracking chapter releases often ponder similar questions. Let’s explore some frequent reader queries around potential delays or surprises.

Could translation progress accelerate?

Translation pacing could theoretically speed up on both platforms if groups recruit more volunteers or existing volunteers increase their workload.

However, burnout remains a threat with unpaid participant models like TrulyAsian. Significant acceleration seems unlikely, but modest consistency gains might reasonably emerge.

What about an unexpected publishing hiatus?

Both Bomtoon and TrulyAsian could take sudden breaks lasting weeks or months at any time. Personal issues, health problems, or boredom might compel individual translators to pause work indefinitely.

Or entire groups could dissolve due to infighting. Picking up the slack after such disruptions prolongs lead times.

Could the author go on hiatus?

Alphatart could introduce delays between Korean raw chapters. Most creators release on consistent schedules but may take occasional weeks or months-long breaks for personal reasons, exhausting story arcs ahead of time, or building future plot buffers.

Might platforms make translations disappear?

Whether due to licensing changes or other business decisions, hosting sites sometimes remove comic translations suddenly. However, groups tend to simply migrate their efforts elsewhere. Missing chapters typically resurface on different sites.

While uncertainties exist, projections based on past pacing provide reasonable release date estimates barring any surprises. Just stay tuned to online fan communities for the latest updates.


With excitement running high, thousands of English-speaking fans eagerly await the next translated installment of the chart-topping webtoon Remarried Empress. Speculation swirls over what story twists chapter 161 might bring.

While Bomtoon subscribers could dive into the new content as early as January 2023, free readers may need to hold out over three more years if relying on TrulyAsian translations. However, multiple variables from publishing delays to translator recruitment could alter predicted timeframes in either direction.

To stay on top of the latest chapter developments, join the fun speculation happening across Reddit threads, Discord channels, Twitter discussions, and webtoon comments sections. Just keep in mind accuracy remains tricky with unpaid fan translations operating without firm schedules.

In the meantime, take a deep dive into the ample existing chapters. Bomtoon and TrulyAsian offer plenty of drama, romance, and palace intrigue to occupy anxious Navier fans awaiting the empress’ next move!

Written by Amandeep Singh

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