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What Is The Net Worth Of Robert Wagner? Highest Paid Actor In The World

Robert Wagner, a name synonymous with Hollywood’s golden era, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. With a career spanning over six decades, Wagner’s journey from a budding actor to one of the highest-paid stars is nothing short of cinematic itself.

But how did he amass such a fortune? Let’s delve into the life, career, and, of course, the net worth of this legendary actor.

Robert Wagner’s Early Life

Born on February 10, 1930, in Detroit, Michigan, Robert Wagner was destined for the limelight. Despite facing challenges like his parents’ divorce, young Wagner found solace in the world of acting.

Moving to California with his mother and stepfather, the allure of Hollywood was too hard to resist.

The Rise of Robert Wagner

Robert Wagner Career

Starting off with minor roles, Wagner’s undeniable charm and talent soon caught the attention of big studios. Films like “Beneath the 12-Mile Reef” and “A Kiss Before Dying” not only established him as a bankable star but also added significantly to his growing net worth.

Diving into the Numbers: Robert Wagner’s Net Worth

The big question – how much is Robert Wagner worth?

With a staggering net worth of $20 million, Wagner’s wealth is a testament to his successful career in both film and television.

From box office hits to lucrative endorsements and even best-selling books, Wagner’s diverse income sources have contributed to his impressive financial portfolio.

Robert Wagner’s Lifestyle

Living life king-size, Wagner’s lifestyle is every bit as glamorous as you’d expect. From luxurious homes in upscale neighborhoods to a collection of classic cars, Wagner’s assets are a reflection of his successful career.

And let’s not forget the lavish parties and vacations that are a staple in Wagner’s life.

Awards, Recognition, and Legacy

With seven Golden Globe nominations and a People’s Choice Award under his belt, Wagner’s contributions to cinema haven’t gone unnoticed.

His roles in iconic films and TV shows have not only added to his net worth but also solidified his place as a Hollywood legend.

Philanthropy and Charitable Works

Robert Wagner Income and Net Worth

But it’s not all about the glitz and glamour. Wagner’s heart of gold is evident in his numerous charitable endeavors. From supporting the American Heart Association to donating generously to the Motion Picture & Television Fund, Wagner’s philanthropic efforts showcase a different side of the star.

Controversies and Scandals

Like many celebrities, Wagner’s life hasn’t been without controversies. The mysterious death of his former wife, Natalie Wood, remains one of Hollywood’s biggest unsolved mysteries.

While Wagner has always maintained his innocence, the incident has cast a long shadow over his illustrious career.

Robert Wagner In Recent Years

Age hasn’t slowed down this Hollywood icon. Even in his later years, Wagner continues to be active in the entertainment industry, making guest appearances on popular TV shows and even penning down books that give fans a glimpse into his life.

Full NameRobert John Wagner Jr.
Date of BirthFebruary 10, 1930
BirthplaceDetroit, Michigan, United States
Estimated Net Worth (2023)$20 million
Notable Works“It Takes a Thief”, “Hart to Hart”, “The Pink Panther”, “Austin Powers”
Awards & Nominations7 Golden Globe nominations, People’s Choice Award
Philanthropic EndeavorsAmerican Heart Association, Motion Picture & Television Fund
Books Authored“Pieces of My Heart”
MarriagesNatalie Wood, Marion Marshall, Jill St. John
ChildrenKatie Wagner, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Courtney Brooke Wagner

Robert Wagner’s journey from the streets of Detroit to the glitzy world of Hollywood is a testament to his talent, determination, and hard work. With a net worth that’s the envy of many, Wagner’s legacy is set in stone.

As we look back at his illustrious career, one thing is clear – Robert Wagner is, and will always be, one of Hollywood’s brightest stars.


What was Natalie Wood’s net worth at death?

Natalie Wood, a celebrated actress and Robert Wagner’s first wife, had an estimated net worth of $10 million at her untimely death in 1981.

Is Robert Wagner still married to Jill St John?

Absolutely! Robert Wagner and actress Jill St. John have been going strong since they tied the knot in 1990.

How much does Robert Wagner make?

With a career as illustrious as his, Robert Wagner rakes in an annual income of approximately $1 million, primarily from his acting projects.

Did Robert Wagner ever have any children?

Yes, he did. Robert Wagner is a proud father to three children. He shares a daughter named Katie with his second wife, Marion Marshall, and two daughters, Natasha and Courtney, with Natalie Wood.

What are some of Robert Wagner’s most iconic roles?

Wagner has given many memorable performances, but some of his most iconic roles include Alexander Mundy in “It Takes a Thief”, Jonathan Hart in “Hart to Hart”, and Number Two in the “Austin Powers” trilogy.

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