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Who Is Shari Jordan? All About Jeffrey Dahmer’s Stepmother

In the annals of American crime history, few names evoke as much horror and intrigue as Jeffrey Dahmer. Yet, behind the grisly headlines and the chilling tales of his heinous acts, there’s a lesser-known figure who played a significant role in Dahmer’s life: Shari Jordan.

As the stepmother of one of America’s most notorious serial killers, Shari’s life was inevitably intertwined with the dark legacy of her stepson. But who was Shari Jordan, and how did she navigate the tumultuous waters of being associated with such infamy?

This article delves deep into the life of Shari Jordan, offering a comprehensive look at a woman who found herself in the shadow of one of the darkest chapters in American crime.

Full NameShari Jordan
Birth DateMay 8, 1953
Birth PlaceColumbus, Ohio
MarriageMarried to Lionel Dahmer in 1978
ChildrenOne son, David Dahmer
Notable AssociationStepmother to Jeffrey Dahmer
Media AppearancesLarry King Live (2004)
Current ResidenceSeville, Ohio

Early Life and Background

Shari Jordan, born on May 8, 1953, in Columbus, Ohio, was the daughter of Howard M. and Olive Jean Miller. While much of her early life remains shrouded in mystery, it’s her later years, particularly her association with the Dahmer family, that thrust her into the limelight.

Marriage to Lionel Dahmer

Shari Jordan Lionel Dahmer

In 1978, Shari Jordan married Lionel Dahmer, marking the beginning of her association with the Dahmer name. This union made her the stepmother to Jeffrey Dahmer, who would later become known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal” for his gruesome crimes. But their household wasn’t just about Jeffrey; Shari and Lionel had a son of their own, David Dahmer, who grew up alongside his infamous older stepbrother.

Lionel, who had previously been married to Joyce Dahmer, found love again with Shari after his first marriage ended. The couple’s life together spanned four decades, a testament to their enduring bond.

Life with Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer

Living with Jeffrey Dahmer was no ordinary experience. Shari first met Jeffrey in Columbus, Wisconsin, during a tumultuous period in his life. His parents had recently divorced, and the young Dahmer was grappling with feelings of abandonment and isolation. Shari, sensing his vulnerability, felt an immediate maternal instinct towards him. She described him as “weak” and yearned to provide the nurturing he seemed to desperately need.

Despite the challenges, Shari tried her best to integrate into the Dahmer family. She spent considerable time with both Jeffrey and David, attempting to bridge the gaps and foster a sense of unity. However, as the years went by, it became evident that Jeffrey was battling demons of his own.

Shari often found him in a state of inebriation, hinting at a burgeoning alcohol problem. She even went to the extent of threatening to dilute the liquor bottles with water, hoping to curb his drinking habits.

Yet, beneath the surface, Jeffrey’s issues ran deeper than anyone could have imagined. Shari once remarked how he was “extremely skilled at masking his thoughts.” The clean and spotless state of his house, which she and Lionel often visited, belied the dark secrets it concealed.

The Unthinkable Revelation

The world was shocked when Jeffrey Dahmer’s heinous crimes came to light. He was responsible for the murder and dismemberment of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. For Shari, the revelation was doubly devastating. Not only was she coming to terms with the monstrous acts of her stepson, but she also had to grapple with the public scrutiny and stigma that came with being associated with the Dahmer name.

Despite the overwhelming negative publicity, Shari and Lionel chose to stand by Jeffrey. They visited him in jail, offering support even as they grappled with the weight of his actions. Shari’s resilience during this period is a testament to her strength of character. She believed in understanding the root causes of Jeffrey’s actions, hoping that such insights might prevent future tragedies.

The Media Spotlight and Public Perception

The Dahmer case was a media sensation, with every aspect of Jeffrey’s life dissected and analyzed. As his stepmother, Shari Jordan found herself thrust into the limelight, a position she neither sought nor desired. Yet, she faced the media storm with grace and dignity.

Shari’s Perspective on Jeffrey

In various interviews, Shari provided a unique perspective on Jeffrey, one that differed from the monstrous image portrayed in the media. During a candid interview on “Larry King Live” in 2004, both Shari and Lionel shared their feelings towards Jeffrey.

They maintained contact with him during his incarceration and believed that a part of his soul had been lost long ago. Shari emphasized the need to understand the factors that led to Jeffrey’s descent into darkness. By doing so, she hoped society could prevent the emergence of future “monsters.”

Life After the Trial

The aftermath of the trial was challenging for the Dahmer family. The weight of Jeffrey’s actions and the incessant media attention took its toll. However, Shari and Lionel chose a life of seclusion over defending or explaining his actions to the world. They sought peace and normalcy, away from the prying eyes of the public.

Lionel, in an attempt to understand and perhaps find closure, penned a book titled “A Father’s Story,” detailing the life and crimes of his son. Shari, on the other hand, preferred to stay away from the spotlight. Reports suggest that she currently resides in Seville, Ohio, leading a quiet life with Lionel.

Legacy and Reflection

Shari Jordan’s life is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience. Despite being associated with one of the darkest chapters in American crime history, she managed to retain her dignity and compassion. Her story serves as a reminder that behind every headline, there are real people, with real emotions, trying to make sense of the world around them.

While the world will always remember Jeffrey Dahmer for his heinous crimes, Shari Jordan’s legacy is one of strength, understanding, and an unwavering commitment to family.


The name Jeffrey Dahmer will forever be etched in the annals of crime history, a chilling reminder of the depths of human depravity. Yet, behind the horror and the headlines, there’s a story of a family trying to cope with an unimaginable reality. At the center of this narrative stands Shari Jordan, a woman who, despite the odds, tried to bring a semblance of normalcy and love to a fractured family.

Shari’s life, intertwined with the Dahmer legacy, offers a unique perspective on the human capacity for resilience and understanding. While the world grappled with the monstrous acts of her stepson, Shari sought understanding, compassion, and a way forward. Her story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the enduring bonds of family.

In a world quick to judge and condemn, Shari Jordan’s journey serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities of human relationships and the challenges of navigating life in the shadow of infamy.


Who is Shari Jordan?

Shari Jordan is best known as the stepmother of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. She married Lionel Dahmer in 1978.

How did Shari Jordan meet Jeffrey Dahmer?

Shari first met Jeffrey in Columbus, Wisconsin, after marrying his father, Lionel.

Did Shari Jordan have any children of her own?

Yes, Shari and Lionel had a son named David Dahmer.

How did Shari Jordan react to Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes?

While devastated by the revelations, Shari and Lionel chose to support Jeffrey during his trial and incarceration.

Where does Shari Jordan currently reside?

As of the latest reports, Shari resides in Seville, Ohio.

Did Shari Jordan ever speak publicly about Jeffrey Dahmer?

Yes, she appeared on “Larry King Live” in 2004 alongside Lionel to discuss their feelings towards Jeffrey.

Written by Shubham Singh