Elvis Presley Facts

21 Unbelievable Facts About the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll: Elvis Presley

1. Elvis Was a Twin

Elvis was born approximately 35 minutes after his twin brother, Jesse Garon, who was unfortunately stillborn.

2. Never Toured Globally

Despite his global fame, Elvis never performed live outside of North America.

3. Presidential Yacht Owner

Elvis purchased the former presidential yacht, The Potomac, which belonged to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

4. Distantly Presidential

Elvis is a distant relative to two former US presidents, Abraham Lincoln and Jimmy Carter.

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5. Natural Hair Color Surprise

Elvis’s iconic jet black hair? Dyed. His natural color was medium brown.

Elvis Presley Hairstyle

6. First Record for Mom

Elvis’ first record was a gift he made for his mother when he was just 18 years old.

7. Karate Enthusiast

Elvis was a fan of karate and even earned his black belt in 1960.

8. Comic Book Lover

Elvis was a self-described comic book fan and collector.

9. Nickname Origins

Elvis was given the nickname of “Savage” by a Florida judge who wasn’t a fan of his iconic dance moves.

10. Military Man

Elvis served in the military and rushed back from his duties to be by his ill mother’s side.

11. Elvis’s First Guitar

His first guitar cost $7.75, and his mother, Gladys, helped him buy it for his 11th birthday.

Elvis Presley First Guitar
Image Source: CNN

12. Inspired by Gospel

As a youngster, Elvis idolized gospel group The Statesmen, and his dance moves were inspired by one of their members.

13. Elvis’s TV Debut

Elvis’s television debut was on Louisiana Hayride in 1955.

14. The King’s Real Name

Elvis Aaron Presley is his full name, though he initially believed his middle name was spelled “Aron”.

15. Boxing in High School

When Elvis was at Humes High School, he was on the boxing team.

16. Elvis’s First Recording

His first recording at Sun Records was self-funded, and he claimed it was a gift for his mother.

Elvis Presley First Recording

17. Elvis and The Beatles

Elvis thought that The Beatles represented ‘anti-Americanism’ but still covered their hits in the 1970s.

18. Elvis’s Ancestry

Elvis is a direct descendant of Abraham Lincoln’s great-great-grandfather, Isaiah Harrison.

19. Elvis’s Shoe Size

His shoe size was 11D.

20. Last Song Performed

The last song he ever performed in public was “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

21. Elvis and Star Wars

The last film Elvis tried to get a print of to show his daughter was “Star Wars.”

Written by Siddhi Vishesh