Lee Si-Won Husband

Who Is Lee Si-Won’s Husband? What We Know!

Who’s the Man Behind Lee Si-Won?

In the world of K-dramas and K-pop, celebrities often keep their personal lives under wraps, especially when it comes to relationships. One such enigma is the husband of the talented actress and inventor, Lee Si-Won. While many fans are curious about who the lucky man is, Lee Si-Won has managed to keep her marital life private.

This article aims to shed light on the limited information available about Lee Si-Won’s husband, while also delving into her illustrious career and achievements.

Lee Si-Won: A Brief Overview

Lee Si-Won

Lee Si-Won is not just a renowned Korean actress but also an inventor with several patents to her name. Born on August 29, 1987, she has graced many K-dramas and movies with her presence. Apart from her acting prowess, she’s known for her intelligence, having studied Business Administration at Seoul National University and holding a Master’s degree in Evolutionary Psychology.

Interestingly, her father was the former president of MENSA Korea, a high-IQ society, and she has been involved in inventions since the age of four.

The Mysterious Husband

In 2021, Lee Si-Won tied the knot with a non-celebrity who works in the medical field. While the identity of her husband remains undisclosed, it’s known that they share common interests and even attended the same university. Their relationship blossomed after Lee Si-Won’s appearance on a program, giving it a special significance in her life.

Despite the secrecy, it’s evident that the couple shares a deep bond, with Lee Si-Won expressing newfound freedom and happiness after her marriage.

Lee Si Won in The Devils Plan

Lee Si-Won’s Career Highlights

  • The Devil’s Plan: Lee Si-Won recently participated in the 2023 Korean reality TV show “The Devil’s Plan.” Known for her intelligence, she stood out as one of the smartest participants.
  • Filmography: Over the years, Lee Si-Won has showcased her acting skills in various dramas such as “All About My Mom,” “A Beautiful Mind,” “Black,” “Suits,” “Tell Me What You Saw,” and “Uncle.” Her debut was in the drama series “Dream of the Emperor” in 2012.
  • Inventions: Apart from her acting career, Lee Si-Won has made significant contributions to the world of inventions. She holds ten patents, a testament to her innovative spirit.


Who is Lee Si-Won’s husband?

Lee Si-Won’s husband is a non-celebrity doctor. The couple married in 2021.

How many patents does Lee Si-Won hold?

Lee Si-Won holds ten patents, showcasing her innovative spirit.

Where did Lee Si-Won study?

She pursued her education at Seoul National University.

When did Lee Si-Won make her acting debut?

Lee Si-Won made her acting debut in the 2012 KBS drama “The King’s Dream.”

Is Lee Si-Won involved in any other profession apart from acting?

Yes, apart from acting, Lee Si-Won is also an inventor with several patents to her name.

Has Lee Si-Won won any awards for her acting?

Lee Si-Won has been recognized for her acting prowess in various dramas and has received accolades for her performances.


While the world may be curious about Lee Si-Won’s husband, it’s essential to respect their privacy. What’s undeniable is Lee Si-Won’s multifaceted talent, from acting to inventing, making her a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry.

As fans, we can only wish her and her husband a lifetime of happiness and look forward to her future endeavors.

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