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5 Mind Boggling Fan Theories About What’s Coming in Chainsaw Man Season 2

The world of “Chainsaw Man” is as mysterious as it is thrilling. With the end of the first season, fans have been left with burning questions and a hunger for more. As we all eagerly await the next season, the fan community has been buzzing with theories.

Here are five of the most mind-boggling predictions that fans are speculating about for “Chainsaw Man Season 2“.

1. The Mystery of the Fake Chainsaw Man

Fake Chainsaw Man

One of the most debated topics among fans is the identity of the fake Chainsaw Man that killed Yuko. Some believe that Haruka Iseumi, a die-hard Chainsaw Man enthusiast, might be the imposter. His obsession went so far that he even got a surgically implanted ripcord to resemble Chainsaw Man. Could he be the one behind the mask?

2. A Weaker Version of Pochita?


This theory suggests that there’s a weaker version of Pochita, powered not by chainsaws but by people’s fears of Chainsaw Man. It’s a wild concept, but given the unpredictable nature of the series, anything is possible!

3. Yoshida: The Death Devil?

Yoshida - Death Evil

Hirofumi Yoshida has been a character shrouded in mystery. Some fans speculate that he might be the Death Devil, one of the Four Horsemen. Others believe he might have a contract with the Death Devil. His cryptic lines in Part 2, especially his question to Denji about why he doesn’t “eat death,” further fuel this theory.

4. Fami and Yoshida’s Connection

Fami and Yoshida Connection

Given a particular scene where Fami looks at Yoshida, fans are speculating a deeper connection between the two. Since Fami is one of the Four Horsemen, it’s believed that Yoshida might have ties with them, further supporting the Death Devil theory.

5. Denji and Asa’s Romantic Development

Denji and Asa

While not a theory about the plot’s direction, fans are eagerly discussing the potential romantic development between Denji and Asa. Their moments together have left fans excited and hopeful for more in the upcoming season.

While these theories are based on fan speculations, they showcase the depth and intrigue of the “Chainsaw Man” universe.

Only time will tell which of these predictions, if any, come true in Season 2. Until then, all we can do is wait and let our imaginations run wild!

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Written by Raghav