Is Travis Kelce Married?
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Is Travis Kelce Married? Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to the NFL, few names are as recognizable as Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. While his on-field performance has been nothing short of spectacular, his off-field life has garnered just as much attention, if not more.

The question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is: Is Travis Kelce married?

In this exhaustive guide, we’ll delve into every facet of Travis Kelce’s relationship history, including rumored affairs, public perceptions, and even what his teammates and family think about his love life.

So, sit back and get ready for an in-depth look into the romantic life of this NFL superstar.

Table of Information About Is Travis Kelce Married:

Current StatusSingle
Notable ExesKayla Nicole, Maya Benberry
Rumored AffairsZuri Hall, Megan Thee Stallion
Relationship ControversiesPublic breakups, rumored affairs
Teammates’ OpinionsNo public comments, but stable relationships among teammates

Is Travis Kelce Married?

Travis Kelce Married

If you’ve been scouring the internet for a definitive answer to this question, look no further. As of the latest available information, Travis Kelce is not married. But don’t let that simple “no” fool you; the journey to this point has been anything but straightforward.

Travis has been in several high-profile relationships that have made headlines, adding layers of complexity to his marital status. In this section, we’ll explore these relationships in detail, providing a comprehensive view of why Travis Kelce is still a bachelor.

The Concept of Marriage in the NFL

Travis Kelce NFL

Before diving into Travis Kelce’s specific situation, it’s worth noting the general landscape of marriage within the NFL. Many players opt to focus solely on their careers, especially in their early years, given the demanding nature of professional football.

Marriage often takes a backseat, and Travis Kelce is no exception to this trend.

The Kayla Nicole Saga

Travis Kelce with Kayla Nicole

Perhaps the most talked-about relationship in Travis Kelce’s life has been with Kayla Nicole, a renowned TV personality and fashion influencer. Their relationship has been a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with highs and lows that have captivated fans and media alike.

The Beginning: Love at First Sight?

Travis and Kayla first crossed paths in 2017, and it didn’t take long for sparks to fly. The couple was frequently spotted at various events, and their social media was filled with pictures that screamed #CoupleGoals.

But what really caught people’s attention was their undeniable chemistry. Whether they were on the red carpet or in casual Instagram posts, the connection was palpable.

The Breakup: What Went Wrong?

Travis Kelce breakup with Kayla Nicole

In 2020, fans were shocked to hear that Travis and Kayla had decided to part ways. The news was confirmed when both of them unfollowed each other on social media, a modern-day sign that a relationship has come to an end.

Rumors swirled about the reason for their breakup, ranging from career pressures to personal differences. However, neither Travis nor Kayla publicly disclosed the reason behind their split, leaving fans to speculate.

The Reconciliation: A Second Chance at Love

Just when everyone thought this love story had come to an end, 2021 brought a twist. Travis and Kayla were spotted together at multiple events, reigniting rumors that they had reconciled. Their social media activity seemed to confirm this, as they started following each other again and posting pictures together.

This reconciliation, however, was short-lived. In May 2022, the couple once again decided to go their separate ways.

Public Reactions to the Kayla Nicole Saga

The on-again, off-again nature of Travis and Kayla’s relationship has led to a variety of public opinions. Some fans have been supportive, viewing their relationship as a real-life romantic drama. Others have been more critical, questioning the stability of their relationship given the frequent breakups.

The Maya Benberry Chapter

Travis Kelce with Maya Benberry

Before the world was talking about Travis and Kayla, there was another woman who caught the NFL star’s eye: Maya Benberry. Their relationship was unique for several reasons, not least of which was how they met.

Catching Kelce: Reality TV Romance

In 2016, Travis Kelce took an unconventional route to find love by starring in his own reality TV show, “Catching Kelce.” The show featured 50 women, one from each state, competing for Travis’s affection. In the end, it was Maya Benberry who won his heart.

The Relationship: Short but Sweet

Travis and Maya dated for about eight months following the end of the show. While they seemed happy initially, posting several pictures together on social media, the relationship eventually fizzled out.

Reports suggest that the timing of their breakup coincided with the beginning of his relationship with Kayla Nicole, although this has never been confirmed by either party.

Why Did It End?

The exact reason for Travis and Maya’s breakup remains a mystery. Neither has spoken publicly about why they decided to part ways, leading to various speculations. Some believe career pressures played a role, while others think they simply weren’t compatible in the long run.

Rumored Affairs: Zuri Hall and Megan Thee Stallion

In addition to his confirmed relationships, Travis Kelce has been the subject of several dating rumors. Two names that frequently come up are TV presenter Zuri Hall and rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

Travis and Zuri: Smoke Without Fire?

Travis Kelce with Zuri Hall

In 2022, rumors began circulating that Travis was dating Zuri Hall, a well-known TV presenter. These rumors gained traction when the two were spotted together at several events. However, neither Travis nor Zuri confirmed the relationship, leaving it in the realm of speculation.

Megan Thee Stallion: A Match Made in Hollywood?

Travis Kelce with Megan Thee Stallion

Another name that has been linked to Travis is Grammy-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion. While this would undoubtedly be a high-profile pairing, there’s little evidence to support these claims. As of now, this relationship remains a rumor.

Travis Kelce’s Relationship Timeline

Understanding Travis Kelce’s love life requires a chronological perspective. Here’s a detailed timeline to help you navigate the complexities of his relationships:

2008-2016: Single and Focused on Career

During these years, Travis was primarily focused on his budding NFL career. There were no confirmed relationships during this period, making it a relatively quiet time in his love life.

2016: The Maya Benberry Era

This was the year Travis starred in “Catching Kelce,” leading to his relationship with Maya Benberry. While the relationship was short-lived, it was a significant chapter in his love life.

2017-2022: The Kayla Nicole Years

These years were dominated by his relationship with Kayla Nicole. From their initial meeting in 2017 to their final breakup in 2022, this relationship was the focal point of Travis’s love life.

2022-Present: Rumors and Speculations

Following his breakup with Kayla, Travis has been linked to several women, including Zuri Hall and Megan Thee Stallion. However, as of now, he is officially single.

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The NFL Star’s Love Life vs. Career

Travis Kelce NFL Life

Balancing a demanding NFL career with a high-profile love life is no easy feat, and Travis Kelce is a prime example of this struggle. While he has managed to maintain several relationships, his career has often taken precedence.

The Demands of Professional Football

Being an NFL player is a full-time job that requires immense dedication and focus. From rigorous training schedules to frequent travel, the lifestyle leaves little room for a stable relationship. This has been evident in Travis Kelce’s love life, as his relationships have often coincided with the NFL offseason, a time when players have more free time.

The Impact on His Relationships

Travis’s career has undoubtedly had an impact on his love life. The frequent travel and long periods away from home can strain any relationship, and this has been evident in his history. While he has tried to maintain a balance, his career has often taken center stage, leading to the end of several relationships.

Travis Kelce’s Relationship Controversies

Travis Kelce Relationship Controversy

No high-profile love life is without its share of controversies, and Travis Kelce’s is no exception. From rumored affairs to public breakups, he has had to navigate some tricky waters.

Cheating Allegations

One of the most persistent rumors surrounding Travis’s love life has been allegations of cheating. While these claims have never been substantiated, they have added a layer of complexity to his relationships.

Public Breakups

Both of Travis’s confirmed relationships ended in a very public manner, with social media playing a significant role. From unfollowing each other to deleting pictures, these breakups have been closely followed by fans and media alike.

What Do His Teammates Think?

Travis Kelce Teammates
Image Source: Fox News

When it comes to relationships, Travis’s teammates have taken various paths. Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, has been quite settled in his personal life, marrying his high school sweetheart, Brittany Matthews.

The Patrick Mahomes Model

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews have been together since high school, providing a stark contrast to Travis’s love life. They got engaged in 2020 and welcomed their first child in 2021, painting a picture of stability.

Teammates’ Reactions to Travis’s Love Life

While no teammates have publicly commented on Travis’s relationships, the locker room is often a place where personal lives are discussed. Given the stability in some of their lives, it’s possible that Travis has received some advice or opinions from his teammates, although this is purely speculative.

Travis Kelce’s Family’s Take on His Love Life

Travis Kelce Family

Family plays a significant role in any relationship, and Travis Kelce’s is no exception. While they have largely stayed out of his love life, it’s worth exploring what role they might play.

Jason Kelce: The Married Brother

Travis’s brother, Jason Kelce, who is also an NFL player, took the plunge and got married in 2018. His stable marital life could serve as a blueprint for Travis, offering some valuable lessons on maintaining a long-term relationship.

The Kelce Family Values

The Kelce family has always been supportive of both Travis and Jason, both in their professional and personal lives. While they haven’t publicly commented on Travis’s relationships, it’s likely that they have offered their advice and opinions behind the scenes.


Travis Kelce’s love life is a tapestry of highs and lows, much like his NFL career. While he has had several relationships that have caught the public’s eye, he has yet to find the stability that some of his teammates enjoy.

Whether or not wedding bells are in his future remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Travis Kelce’s relationship status will continue to be a hot topic for fans and media alike.


Is Travis Kelce married?

No, Travis Kelce is not currently married. He has had several high-profile relationships but has not taken the plunge into matrimony.

Who has Travis Kelce dated?

Travis Kelce has dated Maya Benberry and Kayla Nicole. He has also been the subject of several dating rumors, including links to Zuri Hall and Megan Thee Stallion.

Is Travis Kelce currently in a relationship?

As of the latest available information, Travis Kelce is single. He was last in a relationship with Kayla Nicole, which ended in 2022.

What do Travis Kelce’s teammates think of his love life?

While no teammates have publicly commented on his love life, it’s possible that they have offered advice or opinions privately.

Has Travis Kelce been involved in any relationship controversies?

Yes, Travis Kelce has faced several controversies, including cheating allegations and public breakups.

What is Travis Kelce’s relationship status in 2023?

Travis Kelce is currently single as of 2023, following his breakup with Kayla Nicole.

Written by Kritika Oberai