Lupin Season 3 Ending Explained

Lupin Season 3 Ending Explained: Deep Dive Into The Finale’s Twists and Turns

The world of television has been abuzz with the latest season of the French crime series, Lupin. As the curtains fell on its third season, viewers were left with a whirlwind of emotions, questions, and anticipation for what’s next. The season’s ending was nothing short of a roller coaster, with unexpected turns that left fans yearning for more.

So, what exactly transpired in the finale of Lupin Season 3? Let’s unravel the mysteries together.

The Dual Timeline: A Tale of Past and Present

Lupin has always been known for its intricate storytelling, weaving two timelines together. The main narrative follows Assane Diop in the present day, battling his demons and avenging his parents. Parallelly, flashbacks transport us to the late 1990s, shedding light on Assane’s early days and the events that shaped him.

1998: The World Cup Heist

The year 1998 was significant for France, not just for its World Cup win but also for Assane. During the FIFA World Cup Grand Final, Assane and his friend Bruno were coerced by Jean Luc Keller, Assane’s mentor, into robbing a jewelry store.

The heist, though successful, took a dark turn when Keller, in a bid to escape the police, forced Bruno to shoot an officer. A car crash ensued, and Assane, seizing the moment, framed Keller for the crime, leading to his 25-year imprisonment.

2021: Assane’s Redemption and Deception

Fast forward to the present, Assane, with his wit and charm, manages to blackmail the Minister of the Interior. This move was strategic, aiming to free Manon, Keller’s girlfriend, from prison. With Manon on his side, Assane sets a trap for Keller, leading to his arrest. But Assane’s masterstroke was yet to come.

He cleverly deceives everyone, ensuring the Black Pearl, a priceless artifact, ends up with one of his allies. As the season draws to a close, Assane, in a surprising move, surrenders to Detective Youssef Guédira, ready to face the consequences of his actions.

The Unexpected Twists: Unraveling the Secrets

Just when viewers thought they had seen it all, Lupin threw in a few curveballs.

Is Mariama Truly Assane’s Mother?

Mariama’s sudden reappearance raised several eyebrows. Her involvement in the plot, her knowledge of intimate family details, and her suspicious actions all point to a larger conspiracy. The voiceover in the finale hints at Mariama possibly not being Assane’s real mother. Could she be a pawn in a grander scheme?

The Return of Hubert Pellegrini

The season’s climax reintroduces Hubert Pellegrini, the series’ primary antagonist. Despite his absence in the third season, Pellegrini’s shadow looms large. His surprise reveal in the finale’s closing moments sets the stage for an epic showdown in the upcoming season.

What Lies Ahead for Assane?

With Assane behind bars and Pellegrini back in the picture, the stakes have never been higher. Will Assane manage to outwit his nemesis once again? Or will he fall victim to Pellegrini’s sinister plans? Only time will tell.


What led Assane to surrender to the police?

Assane’s decision to turn himself in was multifaceted. He wanted to protect his family from media scrutiny and fulfill a promise he made to Detective GuĂ©dira. Moreover, he believed that by facing the consequences of his actions, he could finally find peace.

Why did Keller seek revenge against Assane?

Keller felt betrayed by Assane. He believed that Assane framed him for a crime, leading to his 25-year imprisonment. This thirst for revenge set the events of the third season in motion.

How did Assane manage to deceive everyone about the Black Pearl?

Assane’s genius lies in his ability to think several steps ahead. He orchestrated a complex plan, involving a fake rose and an innocent bystander, to ensure the Black Pearl ended up with his ally.

What role does Mariama play in the larger plot?

Mariama’s sudden appearance and her knowledge of intimate family details hint at her being part of a larger conspiracy. Whether she is truly Assane’s mother or a pawn in someone else’s game remains to be seen.

What can we expect from Lupin Season 4?

With Pellegrini back in the picture and Assane behind bars, the next season promises high-octane drama, mind-bending twists, and a battle of wits between the protagonist and antagonist.

Conclusion: A Tale of Revenge, Redemption, and Revelations

Main CharactersAssane Diop, Hubert Pellegrini, Mariama
Key EventsAssane’s surrender, Pellegrini’s return, Mariama’s mystery
Major TwistsMariama’s true identity, Assane’s surrender, Pellegrini’s message
UpcomingPotential showdown in Season 4

Lupin Season 3 was a roller coaster of emotions, packed with suspense, drama, and unexpected twists. As fans eagerly await the next chapter in Assane’s journey, one thing is clear – the game of cat and mouse is far from over.

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Written by Dia