21 Jump Street

17 Must Watch Movies Like 21 Jump Street

“21 Jump Street” was more than just a movie; it was a cultural phenomenon. With its unique blend of action and comedy, it set a new standard for the genre.

But once the credits rolled, many of us were left craving more. If you’ve been on the hunt for movies that give off the same vibes, you’re in the right place.

We’ve curated a list of 17 films that just like 21 Jump Street, promise to deliver laughs, action, and unforgettable moments, all in one package.

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Action Comedy Movies Like 21 Jump Street

1. Superbad (2007)


Director: Greg Mottola

Cast: Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Box Office: $170.8 million

Awards: Won multiple awards including the MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance (Jonah Hill).

Notable Trivia: The film was written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg during their teen years.

Quote: “A raunchy, hilarious and ultimately touching high school party movie.” – Rolling Stone

About the Movie: “Superbad” is a coming-of-age story that brilliantly captures the essence of teenage life. Two high school buddies, Seth and Evan, are on a mission to make the most of their last days before graduation. Their adventures, misadventures, and the dynamics between the lead characters make it a must-watch for fans of “21 Jump Street”.

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2. Hot Fuzz (2007)

Hot Fuzz

Director: Edgar Wright

Cast: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jim Broadbent

Box Office: $80.7 million

Awards: Won the Empire Award for Best British Film.

Notable Trivia: The film contains numerous references to action movies, including “Bad Boys” and “Point Break”.

Quote: “A top-notch action comedy that is both a brilliant parody and a great film in its own right.” – Empire Magazine

About the Movie: Nicholas Angel, a top London cop, finds himself in a quiet town in the countryside. But things aren’t as peaceful as they seem. Along with his partner Danny Butterman, Angel uncovers a series of mysterious deaths, leading to a bigger conspiracy. “Hot Fuzz” is a brilliant parody of classic action films, delivering its unique brand of British humor.

3. Pineapple Express (2008)

Pineapple Express

Director: David Gordon Green

Cast: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride

Box Office: $101.6 million

Awards: Nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy (James Franco).

Notable Trivia: The title “Pineapple Express” refers to a Hawaiian weather phenomenon.

Quote: “A comedy with broad humor, but also some clever stuff, and a lot of that charm.” – Chicago Sun-Times

About the Movie: Dale and Saul, two pot-smoking friends, find themselves on the run after witnessing a murder. Their journey is filled with hilarious mishaps, action-packed sequences, and a perfect blend of humor and drama. It’s a stoner action-comedy that stands out in its genre.

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4. The Other Guys (2010)

The Other Guys

Director: Adam McKay Cast: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes

Box Office: $170.4 million

Awards: Won the Comedy Film Award at the Comedy Awards.

Notable Trivia: The film includes a silent cameo by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson.

Quote: “A consistently funny comedy that compensates for its flaws with plenty of laughs.” – Screen Rant

About the Movie: Dive into the world of two mismatched New York City detectives, Allen and Terry. While they’re often overshadowed by the department’s top cops, they find themselves tangled in a major case that could either make or break their careers. With a blend of humor and action-packed sequences, “The Other Guys” is a comedic rollercoaster from start to finish.

5. 22 Jump Street (2014)

22 Jump Street

Director: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller

Cast: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube

Box Office: $331.3 million

Awards: Nominated for Best Comedy at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

Notable Trivia: The end credits humorously tease potential sequels, hinting at various undercover assignments.

Quote: “A sequel that’s almost as good, if not better than its predecessor.” – Variety

About the Movie: Schmidt and Jenko are back, but this time they’re going undercover at a local college. As they navigate the challenges of college life, they must also uncover the source of a new drug on campus. With its unique blend of humor and action, “22 Jump Street” is a worthy successor to the original.

6. Ride Along (2014)

Ride Along

Director: Tim Story Cast: Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Tika Sumpter

Box Office: $154.5 million

Awards: Nominated for Best Duo at the MTV Movie Awards.

Notable Trivia: Kevin Hart performed most of his own stunts in the film.

Quote: “A comedic rollercoaster with undeniable chemistry between Hart and Cube.” – CinemaBlend

About the Movie: Ben Barber, a security guard with dreams of becoming a police officer, must prove himself to his girlfriend’s brother, James Payton, a tough Atlanta cop. Their patrol night is filled with hilarious situations, action-packed sequences, and a deeper look into the world of policing.

7. Central Intelligence (2016)

Central Intelligence

Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Amy Ryan

Box Office: $217 million

Awards: Nominated for Best Comedic Performance at the MTV Movie Awards (Dwayne Johnson).

Notable Trivia: The film reunites Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, who previously worked together on “Saturday Night Live”.

Quote: “A unique blend of humor and action that showcases the comedic talents of Johnson and Hart.” – Collider

About the Movie: Calvin, a mild-mannered accountant, gets sucked into the world of international espionage after reuniting with an old high school friend, Bob. As they navigate a world of danger and deceit, their contrasting personalities lead to a series of comedic situations.

8. Bad Boys (1995)

Bad Boys

Director: Michael Bay

Cast: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence

Box Office: $141.4 million

Awards: Nominated for Best On-Screen Duo at the MTV Movie Awards (Will Smith and Martin Lawrence).

Notable Trivia: The film was originally conceived as a vehicle for comedians Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz.

Quote: “A high-octane action film with the comedic brilliance of Smith and Lawrence.” – The Hollywood Reporter

About the Movie: Mike and Marcus, two Miami detectives, are on a mission to retrieve stolen drugs from a dangerous drug lord. Their journey is filled with action, humor, and the undeniable chemistry between the two leads. It’s a classic action-comedy that set the standard for the genre.

9. Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

Kingsman - The Secret Service

Director: Matthew Vaughn

Cast: Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson

Box Office: $414.4 million

Awards: Nominated for Best British Film at the Empire Awards.

Notable Trivia: The film is based on the comic book “The Secret Service” by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons.

Quote: “A stylish, subversive, and surprisingly funny spy movie.” – IGN

About the Movie: “Kingsman” introduces us to Eggsy, a young man from London who gets recruited into a secret spy organization. As he undergoes rigorous training, a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius. The film perfectly blends British humor, thrilling action sequences, and a touch of class.

10. Tropic Thunder (2008)

Tropic Thunder

Director: Ben Stiller

Cast: Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr.

Box Office: $195.7 million

Awards: Robert Downey Jr. was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Notable Trivia: The film’s fake trailers at the beginning were shot specifically to set the tone for the movie.

Quote: “A laugh riot from start to finish, with a brilliant ensemble cast.” – Entertainment Weekly

About the Movie: A group of actors shooting a war movie find themselves in real-life danger and must rely on their limited acting skills to survive. The film satirizes Hollywood and the movie-making process, making it a unique entry in the action-comedy genre.

11. Deadpool (2016)


Director: Tim Miller

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller

Box Office: $782.6 million

Awards: Nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.

Notable Trivia: Ryan Reynolds had been trying to get a Deadpool movie made since 2004.

Quote: “A game-changing, R-rated comic book movie spectacle.” – Screen Rant

About the Movie: Wade Wilson, a former special forces operative, becomes the antihero Deadpool after undergoing a rogue experiment. With his new abilities and twisted sense of humor, he seeks revenge on those who wronged him. It’s a refreshing take on the superhero genre, blending dark humor, action, and a touch of romance.

12. Spy (2015)

Spy Movie

Director: Paul Feig

Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne

Box Office: $235.7 million

Awards: Nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.

Notable Trivia: Jason Statham’s role in the film parodies many of his previous action hero characters.

Quote: “A hilarious comedy that offers a fresh spin on the spy genre.” – Variety

About the Movie: Susan Cooper, a desk-bound CIA analyst, goes undercover to prevent a global disaster. Along the way, she faces numerous challenges, proving that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. The film brilliantly combines humor, action, and a touch of heart.

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13. The Nice Guys (2016)

The Nice Guys

Director: Shane Black

Cast: Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Angourie Rice

Box Office: $62.8 million

Awards: Nominated for multiple awards, including Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

Notable Trivia: The film is set in the 1970s and pays homage to the buddy cop films of that era.

Quote: “A throwback to the buddy comedies of yesteryears with a modern twist.” – The Guardian

About the Movie: Set in 1970s Los Angeles, a mismatched pair of private eyes investigate the apparent suicide of a fading porn star. The film is a blend of mystery, action, and humor, making it a standout in the action-comedy genre.

14. Lethal Weapon (1987)

Lethal Weapon

Director: Richard Donner

Cast: Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Gary Busey

Box Office: $120.2 million

Awards: Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Sound.

Notable Trivia: The film spawned three sequels and a television series, making it one of the most iconic buddy cop franchises.

Quote: “A high-voltage thriller with humor and terrific performances.” – Los Angeles Times

About the Movie: When two very different detectives, Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, are paired together, sparks fly. As they chase down drug smugglers in Los Angeles, their contrasting personalities lead to comedic situations. “Lethal Weapon” is a classic that perfectly balances intense action with humor.

15. Rush Hour (1998)

Rush Hour

Director: Brett Ratner

Cast: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker

Box Office: $244.4 million

Awards: Won the MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo (Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker).

Notable Trivia: Jackie Chan performed most of his own stunts in the film.

Quote: “A delightful blend of action and comedy, thanks to the chemistry between its stars.” – Chicago Tribune

About the Movie: When a diplomat’s daughter is kidnapped, two mismatched detectives, Lee from Hong Kong and Carter from Los Angeles, team up to rescue her. Their cultural differences lead to hilarious misunderstandings, but together they form an unbeatable team. “Rush Hour” is a testament to the magic that can happen when East meets West.

16. Dumb and Dumber (1994)

Dumb and Dumber

Director: Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly

Cast: Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels

Box Office: $247.3 million

Awards: Nominated for the MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance (Jim Carrey).

Notable Trivia: The iconic “Mutt Cutts” van was designed to resemble a dog to promote Harry’s business in the film.

Quote: “A laugh-out-loud journey of sheer silliness and slapstick.” – Entertainment Weekly

About the Movie: Two good-hearted but incredibly dimwitted friends embark on a cross-country trip to return a briefcase full of money. Their journey is filled with comedic mishaps and unforgettable moments. While not strictly an action-comedy, the film’s humor and situations make it a must-watch for fans of “21 Jump Street”.

17. Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

Beverly Hills Cop

Director: Martin Brest

Cast: Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton

Box Office: $316.4 million

Awards: Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Notable Trivia: The film’s iconic theme, “Axel F,” became a cultural phenomenon and chart-topping hit.

Quote: “Murphy’s comedic genius shines in this action-packed romp.” – The New York Times

About the Movie: Axel Foley, a street-smart Detroit cop, travels to Beverly Hills to solve the murder of his best friend. His brash style clashes with the Beverly Hills police department, leading to comedic situations. “Beverly Hills Cop” is a classic that showcases Eddie Murphy at his comedic best, blending humor with thrilling action sequences.


From old-school classics to modern comedic masterpieces, the action-comedy genre has given us countless hours of entertainment. While “21 Jump Street” remains a fan favorite, the movies listed above offer a similar blend of humor, action, and unforgettable moments.

Whether you’re in the mood for some nostalgic laughs or looking for a new favorite, there’s something on this list for everyone. So, why wait? Dive into these action-packed comedies and let the laughter begin!


Why are action comedies so popular?

Action comedies combine the thrill of action sequences with the light-heartedness of comedy. This blend offers audiences both excitement and relaxation, making it a versatile genre that appeals to a wide range of viewers.

How do action comedies differ from traditional action movies?

While traditional action movies focus primarily on intense sequences, suspense, and drama, action comedies incorporate humor into the narrative. This often results in comedic situations, witty dialogues, and humorous character interactions, providing a balance between tension and laughter.

Are action comedies suitable for children?

While many action comedies are family-friendly, some may contain mature content or intense scenes. It’s always recommended to check the movie’s rating and content description before watching with younger audiences.

What makes “21 Jump Street” stand out in the action comedy genre?

“21 Jump Street” brilliantly blends high school drama with police action. The chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, combined with a fresh and humorous take on undercover operations, makes it a standout in the genre.

Can we expect more movies like “21 Jump Street” in the future?

Given the success and popularity of “21 Jump Street” and its sequel, it’s likely that filmmakers will continue to explore similar themes and narratives. The blend of humor and action is a winning formula that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Which actors are known for starring in movies similar to “21 Jump Street”?

Actors like Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Will Smith, and Martin Lawrence have become synonymous with the action-comedy genre, delivering performances that blend humor with action-packed sequences.

How do movies like “21 Jump Street” balance comedy with action?

These movies often use comedic dialogues, slapstick humor, and character dynamics to lighten intense action scenes. The contrast between serious situations and their humorous execution is what makes the genre stand out.

Are there any sequels or spin-offs of “21 Jump Street”?

Yes, “22 Jump Street” is the direct sequel to “21 Jump Street.” Both movies continue the comedic adventures of officers Schmidt and Jenko as they go undercover in different educational institutions.

Why are movies like “21 Jump Street” so appealing to audiences?

The combination of action and comedy offers a unique entertainment experience. Viewers get the adrenaline rush from action scenes and the relaxation from comedic moments, making it a versatile genre that caters to a wide range of emotions.

What makes a movie similar to “21 Jump Street”?

Movies similar to “21 Jump Street” typically blend action-packed sequences with comedic elements. They often feature buddy dynamics, undercover operations, and humorous takes on serious situations, making them both thrilling and entertaining.

Written by Neelam