Unanswered Questions from Prodigal Son Season 2

6 Unanswered Questions from Prodigal Son Season 2

The thrilling crime drama “Prodigal Son” has been a rollercoaster of emotions, suspense, and jaw-dropping moments. While the series has garnered a dedicated fanbase, the unexpected cancellation after Season 2 left many with burning questions.

As we grapple with the cliffhangers and unresolved plotlines, let’s dive into six of the most pressing unanswered questions from the second season.

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1. Will Malcolm’s Nightmares Ever Cease?

Throughout the first season, Malcolm was tormented by vivid nightmares, many of which were fragmented memories from his traumatic past.

With some mysteries now unveiled, fans are left wondering if Malcolm will ever find solace and move towards a semblance of a normal life.

2. Can Jessica Overcome Her Dependence on Alcohol?

Jessica Whitly’s reliance on alcohol has been a coping mechanism, given her tumultuous past with a serial killer husband.

Her witty remarks and sarcasm have been a highlight of the series, but will she ever find the strength to move beyond the bottle?

3. Is Romance Brewing Between Jessica and Gil?

The evolving dynamics between Jessica and Detective Gil Arroyo have been intriguing. With their relationship growing closer in Season 2, fans are left speculating if romance is on the horizon for the duo.

4. Will Ainsley Follow in Her Father’s Dark Footsteps?

The shocking finale of Season 2 saw Ainsley Whitly committing her first kill. This raises the chilling question: Will she inherit her father’s sinister tendencies and thirst for violence?

5. What Lies Ahead for Malcolm after Martin’s Death?

The series finale witnessed a dramatic turn of events with Malcolm fatally stabbing his father, Martin Whitly. With Martin’s taunting last words hinting at their similarities, what does the future hold for Malcolm?

Will he grapple with guilt, or will this act push him further into the abyss?

6. What’s the Fate of the Other Subplots?

While the dramatic confrontation between Malcolm and Martin took center stage, several subplots remained unresolved.

From Jessica’s showdown with Vivian Capshaw to the intricate relationships and secrets, fans are left yearning for closure.

“Prodigal Son” has been a masterclass in storytelling, character development, and suspense. While the series’ abrupt end leaves fans with more questions than answers, the legacy of the show remains undeniable.

Here’s hoping that someday, these burning questions find their resolutions, giving fans the closure they so deeply desire.

Written by Shubham Singh