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Who Is Wayne Newton’s Wife, Kathleen McCrone? Everything You Need To Know About Her

When you hear the name, Wayne Newton, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Known as Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton has been a staple in the entertainment industry for decades. But behind every great man is an equally remarkable woman.

In Wayne’s case, that woman is Kathleen McCrone, his wife of nearly three decades.

This article aims to shed light on the life of Kathleen McCrone, a woman who is not just “Wayne Newton’s wife” but a successful attorney and a loving mother.

Wayne Newton’s Wife: The Woman Behind Mr. Las Vegas

Kathleen McCrone is often introduced as Wayne Newton’s wife, but she is so much more than that. A successful attorney specializing in civil and criminal litigation, Kathleen has carved out her own identity, one that stands strong even in the towering shadow of her famous husband.

In this section, we’ll delve into the life of Kathleen McCrone, the woman who has been the rock behind Wayne Newton’s success.

Kathleen McCrone with husband Wayne Newton

The Identity Crisis: More Than Just a Celebrity Spouse

It’s easy to get lost in the limelight when you’re married to a celebrity. The paparazzi, the fans, and the media often focus solely on the star, leaving their partners in the background. But Kathleen McCrone is not one to be overshadowed.

She has her own career, her own interests, and her own life that she has built over the years.

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The Balancing Act: Juggling Fame and Privacy

Being married to a celebrity comes with its own set of challenges. One of the most significant challenges is maintaining a sense of privacy and normalcy in a world that is anything but normal. Kathleen McCrone has managed to strike this delicate balance with grace.

She is often seen accompanying her husband to various events and shows, but she also maintains a low profile, focusing on her career and family.

The Supportive Spouse: Kathleen’s Role in Wayne’s Career

Behind every successful man is a strong woman, and Kathleen McCrone is the epitome of strength and support. She has been a constant presence in Wayne Newton’s life, supporting him through the ups and downs of his career.

Whether it’s being there for him during his performances or helping him navigate the complexities of fame, Kathleen has been his rock.

The Early Years: Kathleen McCrone’s Life Before Wayne

Kathleen McCrone Young

Born on April 21, 1964, in North Olmsted, Ohio, Kathleen McCrone was raised in a family deeply rooted in the legal field. Her father, William J. McCrone, was a federal judge, and her mother, Marilyn Furman, was a homemaker.

Kathleen grew up with two sisters, Mary and Tricia. Tragically, Mary passed away from a heart attack in 2009. Inspired by her father’s esteemed career, Kathleen pursued law, setting the stage for her own successful career as an attorney.

The Formative Years: Growing Up in Ohio

Growing up in North Olmsted, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, Kathleen had a fairly normal childhood. Her father was a respected federal judge, and her mother was a homemaker. She attended local schools and was an excellent student.

Inspired by her father’s career, she developed an early interest in law and decided to follow in his footsteps.

The Family Tragedy: Losing a Sister

In 2009, Kathleen faced a devastating loss when her sister Mary passed away from a heart attack. The tragedy had a profound impact on her and her family. It was a difficult time, but it also brought the family closer together.

Kathleen often speaks about the importance of family and how the loss of her sister made her realize the fragility of life.

The Academic Journey: Pursuing Law

After high school, Kathleen went on to study law, inspired by her father’s illustrious career as a federal judge. She excelled in her studies and showed a natural aptitude for law. After completing her law degree, she began her career as an attorney, specializing in civil and criminal litigation.

Kathleen McCrone Attorney

Kathleen McCrone is not just any attorney; she specializes in civil and criminal litigation. Her father, a respected judge, was her main inspiration for choosing law as her career path. After practicing law in Ohio, she moved to Las Vegas, where she continued her legal practice.

Her reputation as a justice advocate precedes her, making her one of the most respected attorneys in her field.

After completing her law degree, Kathleen began her career in Ohio. She worked at a local law firm, gaining valuable experience in various aspects of law. But it was civil and criminal litigation that caught her interest.

She excelled in the courtroom, earning a reputation as a fierce advocate for her clients.

The Move to Las Vegas: A New Chapter

In the early ’90s, Kathleen decided to move to Las Vegas. It was a significant change, both personally and professionally. Not only did she have to adjust to a new city, but she also had to establish herself in a new legal market.

However, her reputation as a skilled attorney quickly spread, and she was able to build a successful practice in Las Vegas.

The High-Profile Cases: Making a Name for Herself

Over the years, Kathleen has been involved in several high-profile cases. Her expertise in civil and criminal litigation has made her a sought-after attorney in Las Vegas. She has represented clients in complex cases, earning accolades for her legal skills and dedication.

The Love Story: How Kathleen McCrone Met Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton Kathleen McCrone Love Story

Love has a funny way of showing up when you least expect it. For Kathleen and Wayne, their paths crossed in 1990 backstage at one of Wayne’s Las Vegas shows. What started as a genuine friendship soon blossomed into love.

After dating for about four years, the couple decided to tie the knot. Their wedding was nothing short of a fairytale, complete with a horse-drawn carriage and a lavish ceremony at Wayne’s 53-acre ranch in Nevada.

The First Meeting: Love at First Sight?

Kathleen and Wayne first met in 1990 at one of Wayne’s shows in Las Vegas. Kathleen was in the audience, and after the show, she had the opportunity to go backstage and meet Wayne. It was a chance meeting, but one that would change the course of their lives forever.

The Courtship: A Whirlwind Romance

After their first meeting, Kathleen and Wayne began dating. It was a whirlwind romance, full of romantic getaways and public appearances. Despite the challenges of dating a celebrity, Kathleen and Wayne’s love for each other was evident.

They were often seen together at various events, and it was clear that they were head over heels in love.

The Proposal: A Moment to Remember

After dating for about four years, Wayne decided it was time to take the next step. He planned a romantic proposal, complete with all the bells and whistles.

He took Kathleen to a beautiful location and got down on one knee, asking her to be his wife. It was a moment that Kathleen describes as one of the most memorable of her life.

The Wedding Bells: Kathleen and Wayne’s Fairytale Wedding

Kathleen McCrone and Wayne Newton Wedding

April 9, 1994, marked the beginning of a new chapter in Kathleen and Wayne’s life. Their wedding was a grand affair, held at Wayne’s ranch, Casa de Shenandoah, in Nevada. The guest list was a who’s who of high-profile celebrities, all gathered to witness the union of this extraordinary couple.

The wedding was not just a union of two people but a blending of two families, as Wayne has a daughter, Erin, from his previous marriage to Elaine Okamura.

The Venue: A Wedding Fit for Royalty

Casa de Shenandoah, Wayne’s 53-acre ranch in Nevada, served as the perfect venue for their fairytale wedding. The ranch was transformed into a wedding wonderland, complete with beautiful decorations and elaborate floral arrangements. It was a dream come true for Kathleen, who had always wanted a grand wedding.

The Guest List: A Star-Studded Affair

The guest list for Kathleen and Wayne’s wedding read like a who’s who of Hollywood. Celebrities from the world of music, film, and television were in attendance, all there to celebrate the union of this incredible couple. The wedding was a star-studded affair, adding an extra layer of glamour to an already extravagant event.

The Ceremony: A Union of Two Souls

The wedding ceremony was a beautiful affair, filled with love and emotion. Kathleen walked down the aisle in a stunning gown, her eyes filled with tears of joy. Wayne looked dapper in a tailored suit, his eyes locked on Kathleen as she made her way toward him. The ceremony was a true celebration of their love, a moment that they would cherish forever.

Life in the Spotlight: Kathleen McCrone’s Public Appearances

Being married to Mr. Las Vegas means that public appearances come with the territory. However, Kathleen has always handled the spotlight with grace and poise.

She has made several appearances on television shows like “The Bachelorette” and “Celebrity Family Feud,” showcasing her versatility and adding another layer to her already impressive resume.

The Television Appearances: More Than Just a Plus One

Kathleen has made several appearances on television shows, both with and without Wayne. She has been on shows like “The Bachelorette,” where she and Wayne hosted a group date, and “Celebrity Family Feud,” where they competed against other celebrity families.

These appearances have given the public a glimpse into Kathleen’s personality, showing that she is more than just Wayne Newton’s wife.

The Red Carpet Events: A Natural in the Spotlight

Kathleen is no stranger to the red carpet. She has accompanied Wayne to numerous events, from award shows to charity galas. Despite the flashing cameras and the throngs of reporters, Kathleen always appears calm and composed. She knows how to handle the spotlight, a skill that she has honed over the years.

The Charity Work: Giving Back to the Community

Both Kathleen and Wayne are actively involved in charity work. They have hosted several charity events and have donated to various causes. Kathleen, in particular, is passionate about giving back to the community.

She has been involved in several charitable organizations, using her platform to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

The Newton Family: Meet Their Daughter Lauren Ashley Newton

Daughter of Wayne Newton and Kathleen McCrone Lauren Ashley Newton

In 2002, Kathleen and Wayne welcomed their daughter, Lauren Ashley Newton, into the world. Born via a surrogate, Lauren is the apple of her parents’ eyes. She has grown up to be a promising young adult, thanks in no small part to the loving guidance of her parents.

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The Decision to Use a Surrogate: A Personal Choice

After several years of marriage, Kathleen and Wayne decided that they wanted to start a family. However, they faced some challenges along the way. After exploring various options, they decided to use a surrogate to bring their daughter into the world.

It was a personal and emotional journey, one that ultimately led to the birth of their beloved daughter, Lauren.

The Early Years: Raising Lauren

Lauren Ashley Newton

Lauren Ashley Newton was born in 2002, and from the moment she arrived, she became the center of Kathleen and Wayne’s world. They doted on her, giving her all the love and attention that any child could wish for. Raising Lauren was a team effort, with both Kathleen and Wayne actively involved in her upbringing.

The Teenage Years: Navigating the Challenges

As Lauren entered her teenage years, Kathleen and Wayne faced new challenges as parents. Teenagers are known for their rebellious streaks and their desire for independence, and Lauren was no exception.

However, Kathleen and Wayne navigated these challenges with grace, providing Lauren with the guidance she needed while also giving her the space to grow.

Wayne Newton’s Previous Marriage: The Story Before Kathleen

Before Kathleen entered his life, Wayne was married to Elaine Okamura. They adopted a daughter, Erin, and were together for several years before parting ways in 1985. While that chapter of his life is closed, it led him to find love and happiness with Kathleen, proving that sometimes endings are just new beginnings in disguise.

The First Marriage: Wayne and Elaine

Wayne Newton with wife Elaine Okamura

Wayne Newton’s first marriage was to Elaine Okamura. They got married in 1968 and adopted a daughter, Erin. However, after several years of marriage, they decided to part ways. The divorce was finalized in 1985, ending a chapter in Wayne’s life that had lasted for nearly two decades.

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The Daughter: Erin Newton

Erin Newton, Wayne’s daughter from his first marriage, has always been a part of his life. Even after the divorce, Wayne remained actively involved in Erin’s upbringing. When he married Kathleen, Erin became a part of their blended family, adding another layer to their complex family dynamics.

The New Beginning: Finding Love Again

After his divorce from Elaine, Wayne was single for several years before meeting Kathleen. It was a chance meeting, but one that would change the course of his life. Kathleen brought love and happiness back into Wayne’s life, proving that it’s never too late to find love again.

The Net Worth Narrative: Financial Aspects of Kathleen and Wayne

Kathleen McCrone Net Worth

When it comes to net worth, both Kathleen and Wayne are quite successful in their respective fields. While exact figures are not publicly disclosed, it is estimated that Wayne has a net worth of around $50 million. Kathleen, with her successful career as an attorney, also contributes significantly to the family’s finances.

The Financial Dynamics: A Power Couple

Kathleen and Wayne are a power couple, not just in terms of their love for each other but also in terms of their financial success. Wayne, with his long and successful career in the entertainment industry, has amassed a considerable fortune.

Kathleen, with her successful legal career, also brings in a significant income, making them one of the most financially stable couples in Hollywood.

The Investments: Building a Future

Over the years, Kathleen and Wayne have made several smart investments. They own multiple properties, including their lavish ranch in Nevada, and have invested in various business ventures. These investments have not only added to their net worth but have also provided them with financial security for the future.

The Financial Controversies: Navigating the Pitfalls

Being in the public eye means that you’re often subject to scrutiny, and Kathleen and Wayne have had their fair share of financial controversies. There have been rumors and speculations about their finances, but they have always managed to navigate these challenges with grace.

They maintain a transparent approach to their finances, putting to rest any rumors or controversies.

Living the Vegas Life: The Newtons in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not just a place where Wayne Newton performs; it’s home for the Newton family. Kathleen and Wayne have made Las Vegas their sanctuary, a place where they can be themselves away from the public eye.

Their life in this vibrant city is as colorful and exciting as one would expect, complete with all the glitz and glamour that Las Vegas has to offer.

The Home: Casa de Shenandoah

Casa de Shenandoah is more than just a property; it’s a sanctuary for the Newton family. The 53-acre ranch is their personal haven, a place where they can escape from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas.

The property is beautifully designed, with lavish interiors and stunning landscapes, making it the perfect home for this extraordinary couple.

The Social Life: Glitz and Glamour

Living in Las Vegas means that you’re never far from the action. The city is known for its vibrant nightlife and endless entertainment options, and Kathleen and Wayne make the most of it. They are often seen at various events and shows, enjoying the best that Las Vegas has to offer.

The Community: Being a Part of Las Vegas

Kathleen and Wayne are not just residents of Las Vegas; they are a part of the community. They are actively involved in various community events and charities, using their platform to make a difference in the lives of the people of Las Vegas.

The Power Couple: Kathleen and Wayne’s Joint Ventures

Beyond their individual careers, Kathleen and Wayne have also embarked on several joint ventures. From charitable activities to business investments, this power couple knows how to make the most of their combined talents and resources.

The Business Ventures: More Than Just Entertainment

While Wayne is primarily known for his career in the entertainment industry, he is also a savvy businessman. And Kathleen, with her legal expertise, often plays a crucial role in their business ventures. They have invested in various businesses, ranging from real estate to entertainment, making them a true power couple in every sense of the word.

The Philanthropy: Making a Difference

Both Kathleen and Wayne are passionate about giving back to the community. They have been involved in various charitable organizations, using their platform to raise awareness and funds for various causes. Whether it’s hosting a charity event or donating to a cause close to their hearts, they are committed to making a difference.

The Legacy: Building a Future

Kathleen and Wayne are not just building a life together; they are building a legacy. Through their careers, their investments, and their philanthropic efforts, they are leaving a lasting impact on the world.

And with their daughter, Lauren, they are passing on their values and their legacy to the next generation.

Kathleen McCrone: More Than Just Wayne Newton’s Wife

In conclusion, Kathleen McCrone is a woman of substance. She is not just Wayne Newton’s wife but a successful attorney, a loving mother, and an individual with her own identity.

She has stood by Wayne through the highs and lows of his career, providing him with the love and support he needs. Together, they have built a beautiful life, one that is filled with love, success, and happiness.

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Table of Information About Wayne Newton’s Wife, Kathleen McCrone:

Full NameKathleen McCrone Newton
Date of BirthApril 21, 1964
Place of BirthNorth Olmsted, Ohio
ProfessionAttorney specializing in civil and criminal litigation
SpouseWayne Newton
ChildrenLauren Ashley Newton
Notable Appearances“The Bachelorette,” “Celebrity Family Feud”
Charitable InvolvementsVarious community events and charities

Kathleen McCrone is a remarkable woman who has carved out her own identity in a world that often focuses solely on her famous husband. She is a successful attorney, a loving wife, and a devoted mother.

Together with Wayne, she has built a life that is the epitome of love and success. And as they continue on this journey called life, one thing is clear: Kathleen McCrone is, and always will be, much more than just Wayne Newton’s wife.


Who is Kathleen McCrone?

Kathleen McCrone is a successful attorney specializing in civil and criminal litigation. She is also known as the wife of Wayne Newton, a famous entertainer often referred to as Mr. Las Vegas.

How did Kathleen McCrone and Wayne Newton meet?

They met in 1990 backstage at one of Wayne’s shows in Las Vegas. What started as a friendship soon blossomed into love, and they got married in 1994.

Do Kathleen and Wayne have any children?

Yes, they have a daughter named Lauren Ashley Newton, who was born in 2002 via a surrogate.

What is Kathleen McCrone’s net worth?

While exact figures are not publicly disclosed, it is known that both Kathleen and Wayne are quite successful in their respective fields, contributing significantly to their family’s finances.

How do Kathleen and Wayne manage their public and private lives?

Kathleen and Wayne have managed to strike a balance between their public and private lives. While they are often seen at various events and shows, they also maintain a low profile, focusing on their careers and family.

Is Kathleen involved in any charitable activities?

Yes, both Kathleen and Wayne are actively involved in various charitable organizations and events, using their platform to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Written by Mahima Dixit