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Who Is Alyse Eady’s Husband, Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond? All About Him

If you know the name, Alyse Eady, it’s likely in connection with her crowning achievement – earning the title of Miss Arkansas back in 2008, and going on to place in the Top 10 of the Miss America pageant that same year. While the glamor and talent that carried her to pageant success made headlines, far less is known about her longtime relationship with her husband, Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond.

This behind-the-scenes love story holds its own dramatic flair. After meeting and falling in love in their home state of Arkansas, Alyse and Patrick weathered a fairytale wedding and heartbreaking health woes. Over a decade later, their marriage stands as a testament to the power of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your soulmate in good times and bad.

Table Summarizing Details on Alyse Eady’s Husband:

NamePatrick Jeffrey Lemmond
WifeAlyse Eady
CollegeUniversity of Arkansas
LocationFort Smith, Arkansas
ChildrenSon Connor, Daughter Celia
Health IssuesDiagnosed with testicular cancer twice, first in 2016 then again in 2018
Alyse Eady Husband Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond

Background Information

For those unfamiliar with Alyse and her pageant path to fame, just 23 years old at the time she was crowned, she drew wide attention not only for her poise and beauty, but her impressive skills – Alyse wowed Miss America judges and audiences alike with her exceptional ventriloquist talents.

Long before the crown though, Alyse became accustomed to hard work and chasing lofty dreams. She grew up in Fort Smith, Arkansas with her parents and older brother. Her mother worked as a teacher, a career path Alyse herself briefly followed after earning a Communications degree from the University of Arkansas. Though education and ventriloquy may seem odd creative pursuits to pair together, both fuelled Alyse’s appetite for performance and holding the spotlight.

Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond and Alyse Eady

The Early Days of Their Relationship

While excelling as a teacher and pageant contestant, Alyse also nurtured a growing connection with Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond in her hometown of Fort Smith. Details on their first meet-cute remain scarce, but this lowkey courtship bloomed into a full-fledged romance.

Like Alyse, Patrick attended the University of Arkansas, where he pursued his passion for horticulture and gardening. Also like his future wife, Patrick felt drawn back to his roots in Arkansas after college.

As their relationship deepened, Patrick proved Alyse’s number-one fan on the journey to pageant success. Each step of competition toward Miss Arkansas brought them closer together. Though some may have seen glitzy pageants worlds away from quiet gardening, Patrick shared and supported all of Alyse’s dreams.

After two years cheered on at every pageant by an encouraging Patrick, Alyse took the Miss Arkansas crown. Shortly after, Patrick got down on one knee himself to ask for Alyse’s hand in marriage. While still basking in the glow of pageant wins, wedding planning shifted into high gear.

Alyse Eady and Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond Family

Marriage and Starting a Family

Alyse and Patrick’s wedding lived up to storybook expectations. They married in 2009 at the historical Anthony Chapel in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This quaint church built in 1977 features soaring glass windows and picturesque mountain views.

Close friends and family witnessed the couple’s emotional exchanging of vows. Perched on a mountainside, the intimate venue set the stage for a fairytale beginning to Alyse and Patrick’s marriage.

After the glittering reception, the newlyweds settled into married life together back in Fort Smith. Both continued following their callings – Alyse later found fame starring in radio shows and commercials, crediting her ventriloquist skills with opening unexpected doors. Patrick delved deeper into the gardening sector, while also supporting his famous wife behind the scenes.

The couple soon welcomed their first son named Connor in 2011. Two years later, a daughter named Celia expanded their family. As the years passed, the Pettus household brimmed with the joyful chaos of raising two young children. Alyse and Patrick relished their parenting adventures, from family trips to school drop-offs.

While floating along in marital and parental bliss, an unexpected storm cloud gathered unnoticed on the horizon. Soon the foundations of their happy home would be tested in unimaginable ways.

Alyse Eady Husband Cancer Battle

Overcoming Hardships Together

In 2016, Alyse and Patrick’s idyllic world was turned upside down. Patrick faced a shocking testicular cancer diagnosis at just 30 years old. This extremely rare case (only 1% of cancer cases occur in men under 40) necessitated emergency surgery and ongoing treatment.

In the blink of an eye, the couple traded carefree days for harrowing hospital stays. Alyse bravely chronicled Patrick’s cancer battle through periodic social media updates. Her posts highlighted the physical and emotional toll of surgery, chemotherapy, and the constant uncertainty swirling around this type of aggressive cancer.

Alyse found her trust in God tested but held tight to her faith. As she later told Fox News, “I’ve really just kind of had to give it to God and trust that he has a plan in all of this.

With two young kids at home, Alyse had no choice but to remain strong. She continued working and parenting while acting as Patrick’s steadfast support system.

After a year that felt both frozen in anxiety yet flying by, Patrick’s doctors declared him cancer-free in 2017. The Pettus family finally exhaled, overwhelmed with gratitude and a new appreciation for each other. Their focus shifted to appreciating everyday moments they once took for granted.

Unfortunately, life soon threw another medical curveball their way. Just over a year later, doctors discovered Patrick’s cancer returned even more aggressively than before. He bravely endured repeat surgery, chemotherapy treatment, and this time the removal of lymph nodes which revealed signs of metastasis.

Alyse Eady Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond Love Story

The Secret to a Lasting Love

While enduring Patrick’s challenging health issues, including cancer striking twice, Alyse found perspective and courage through focusing on the blessings in her life. Even after almost losing her soulmate, she emerged with a deepened commitment to their marriage.

I think going through hard times together and making it out on the other side makes you even stronger,” Alyse shared in an interview.

“Marriage is amazing when life is rosy. But you truly grow together when you weather the storms.”

Facing two cancer diagnoses and grueling treatments could easily unravel even the strongest bonds. Remarkably, Alyse and Patrick only clung to each other tighter. Alyse found peace in having faith in their future.

And the future did turn brighter for the Pettus family. Patrick’s second cancer battle resulted in successful maintenance chemotherapy keeping the disease at bay. His strength and spirit through 100+ chemotherapy sessions left his doctors astounded.

Alyse’s support no doubt provided the emotional backbone allowing Patrick to continue fighting. Her online affirmations celebrated every chemotherapy milestone achieved. As darkness gave way to light, their relationship shone even stronger for having survived the raging storm.

After emerging from hardship, two years later Alyse and Patrick remain thriving in their marriage and family. They recently announced an exciting upcoming addition to their clan – baby number three due in early 2023 over a decade after reciting their vows.

Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond Biography


For those curious to learn more about Alyse Eady’s husband Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond and their inspiring love story, here are some key takeaways:

  • Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond met Alyse Eady in their home state of Arkansas and began dating her while she competed in pageants
  • After 2 years of dating, Patrick proposed to Alyse shortly after she won the Miss Arkansas title
  • The two wed at Anthony Chapel in Hot Springs, AR in 2009
  • Patrick studied horticulture in college and works as a gardener
  • Alyse and Patrick have two children together – Connor (born 2011) and Celia (born 2013)
  • In 2016, Patrick was diagnosed with testicular cancer at age 30 and underwent surgery, chemotherapy
  • After a year cancer-free, Patrick’s cancer unfortunately returned in 2018
  • Alyse shared updates of Patrick’s treatment online and relied on her faith during the scary cancer battles
  • Despite enduring two cancer diagnoses, Alyse and Patrick’s marriage grew even stronger
  • Over a decade after their wedding, they continue to thrive as a couple and recently announced they are expecting their third baby

Most asked questions about Alyse Eady’s husband

What does Alyse Eady’s husband do for a living? 

He works in the horticulture/gardening industry

How did Alyse Eady meet her husband?

It’s believed they met organically through mutual friends/connections in their hometown of Fort Smith, Arkansas

How long has Alyse Eady been married? 

Alyse has been married for over 13 years after tying the knot with Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond in 2009

What type of cancer did Patrick Jeffrey Lemmonds have?

He was diagnosed with testicular cancer, first in 2016 then again 2018

Is Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond still alive?

Yes, after multiple grueling cancer battles, Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond has recovered and remains happily married to wife Alyse Eady

Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond Life


Alyse Eady and Patrick Jeffrey Lemmond show what happens when an unbreakable bond meets an unthinkable challenge. While Alyse may be renowned for her Miss America achievements, her husband Patrick deserves equal acclaim for his courage and grit.

Battling cancer not once but twice before the age of 35, Patrick endured major surgery, aggressive chemotherapy, and the mental strain of not knowing if treatment is working. At his side every step of the way stood Alyse, fervently praying for her soulmate’s survival.

As husbands and wives promise, this couple’s marriage remained firmly rooted even when storms whipped their lives into turmoil. Alyse’s dedication and care enabling Patrick’s healing illustrates the height of the words “in sickness and in health.”

While no one would blame marital strain from the relentless pressure of battling cancer, Alyse and Patrick only grew closer. They found gratitude in overcoming near impossible odds together, as a team. Their partnership showcases the remarkable human capacity to hope, trust, and persevere against all odds.

And the odds for joyful years ahead for them now shine bright. With Patrick now cancer-free and a new baby on the way, the Pettus family stands poised to thrive. Their hard-won outlook primed for moments big and small to be fully celebrated.

After all they’ve endured, Alyse and Patrick demonstrate unconditional love and lifelong commitment remains unwavering. Surely an inspiration to all of us searching for our own happily ever after.

Written by Deekha Agarrwal