Interstellar Theories

10 Mind-Bending Theories Behind ‘Interstellar’ Explained

1. Cooper Was the Ghost All Along

One of the most popular theories suggests that Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey, was the ghost all along. Some believe Cooper died early in the movie and the rest was a dream. This theory is supported by the fact that Cooper communicates with his daughter from another dimension.

2. The Time Loop Theory

This theory proposes that the events of the movie are trapped in a time loop, with Cooper going back in time repeatedly to save humanity. The movie’s references to time and its ambiguous ending fuel this theory.

3. The Tesseract is a Dyson Sphere

The Tesseract, a mysterious construct in the movie, is theorized to be a Dyson Sphere, a structure that captures a star’s energy. Its spherical shape and bright light are cited as evidence.

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4. The Lazarus Missions’ True Purpose

Some fans believe the Lazarus missions were meant to find a new habitable planet to save Earth’s inhabitants, while others think they were searching for ways to manipulate gravity.

5. Humans Created the Wormhole

Contrary to the belief that an alien race created the wormhole, this theory suggests that future humans, in a desperate bid to find a new home, were the architects.

6. The Fifth Dimension’s Meaning

The movie introduces the concept of a fifth dimension. Some fans believe it represents human consciousness, while others think it’s a parallel universe.

7. The Cooper Station is a Dyson Swarm

The Cooper Station, orbiting Saturn, is theorized to be a Dyson Swarm, an array of solar power satellites surrounding a star.

8. The Mysterious Beings’ Identity

Throughout the movie, mysterious beings make appearances. Some believe they are advanced future humans, while others think they are aliens from another dimension.

9. The Watch’s Significance

Cooper’s watch has sparked various theories. Some see it as a symbol of time and life’s fleeting nature, while others believe it signifies the bond between Cooper and his daughter, Murph.

10. The Nature of Love in Interstellar

Love is a central theme in the movie. Some fans believe love is the key to transcending time and space, while others see it as a universal force connecting all beings.

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Written by Sumanyu