No Hard Feelings Quiz

Quiz Time: How Well Do You Remember ‘No Hard Feelings’?

Test your knowledge of the 2023 comedy hit “No Hard Feelings” starring Jennifer Lawrence. Dive into the raunchy, heartwarming, and hilarious moments of this unique film with our trivia quiz.

Whether you’re a J-Law superfan or just love a good laugh, this quiz is sure to challenge and entertain!

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    What is the name of the young man Maddie is hired to date?

    • Gary
    • Percy
    • Andrew
    • Matthew
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    Who directed “No Hard Feelings”?

    • Judd Apatow
    • Paul Thomas Anderson
    • Gene Stupnitsky
    • Matthew Broderick
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    What is Maddie’s ultimate goal in agreeing to the odd job listing?

    • To become famous
    • To find true love
    • To save her house
    • To get a new job
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    What does Maddie receive as compensation for the job?

    • A trip to Europe
    • A large sum of money
    • A Buick Regal
    • A new wardrobe
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    Who plays the role of Percy’s father?

    • Andrew Barth Feldman
    • Ebon Moss-Bachrach
    • Matthew Broderick
    • Gene Stupnitsky
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    What is Percy’s main characteristic when Maddie first meets him?

    • He is very outgoing
    • He is an athlete
    • He is a musician
    • He is awkward and anxious
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    What is Maddie’s reaction to her ex-boyfriend Gary?

    • She is indifferent
    • She is in love with him
    • She is scornful
    • She is grateful

Written by Dia