Irina Shayk Relationship History

5 High-Profile Relationships Irina Shayk Had Before Tom Brady

Before finding love with NFL superstar Tom Brady, Irina Shayk was no stranger to high-profile relationships. The Russian supermodel has a dating history that reads like a who’s who of the entertainment and sports worlds.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at five of the most talked-about relationships Irina Shayk had before her current beau.

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1. Valerio Morabito: The Italian Businessman

Irina Shayk ex Valerio Morabito

Early in her career, Irina Shayk was engaged to Italian businessman Valerio Morabito. Although they never made it down the aisle, their relationship was significant enough to lead to an engagement.

The couple eventually parted ways, citing Shayk’s burgeoning career as a reason for the split.

2. Rob Bourdon: The Drummer from Linkin Park

Irina Shayk ex Linkin Park Drummer Rob Bourdon

In 2007, Shayk entered into a relationship with Rob Bourdon, the drummer for the rock band Linkin Park. The couple was notoriously private, keeping their relationship out of the public eye.

They reportedly ended things in October of 2009, but neither has spoken publicly about the romance.

3. Arthur Sales: The Brazilian Model

Irina Shayk ex Arthur Sales

For a brief period in 2009, Shayk dated Brazilian model Arthur Sales. While not much is known about the specifics of their relationship, it’s clear that beauty and fashion were common interests that likely brought them together.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo: The Soccer Star

Irina Shayk with ex boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo

Perhaps one of Shayk’s most publicized relationships was with soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo. The couple met on the set of an Armani ad in 2010 and were quite open about their relationship, even posing for a sultry Vogue Spain cover.

Despite the public displays of affection, the relationship ended in January 2015 amid various rumors, including infidelity on Ronaldo’s part.

5. Bradley Cooper: The Hollywood Hunk

Irina Shayk with ex boyfriend Bradley Cooper

After meeting in 2015, Shayk and actor Bradley Cooper quickly became the talk of the town. The couple welcomed a daughter, Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper, two years into their relationship.

Despite their initial chemistry, the couple grew apart and officially split in 2019, although they continue to co-parent their daughter amicably.

Irina Shayk’s love life has been as diverse as it has been high-profile. From businessmen to musicians and actors, she’s had her share of interesting partners.

As she embarks on a new chapter with Tom Brady, it’s clear that her past relationships have been nothing short of fascinating.

Written by Dia