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Look Away Movie Ending Explained! The Disturbing Reality

“Look Away,” a 2018 Canadian psychological horror drama film, has left many viewers with lingering questions and a thirst for a deeper understanding of its intricate plot. The movie revolves around Maria, a high-school student who feels alienated and bullied.

Her life takes a dark turn when she switches places with her sinister mirror image, Airam. Directed by Assaf Bernstein, the film stars India Eisley, Mira Sorvino, and Jason Isaacs.

This article delves deep into the movie’s ending, answering the burning questions and unraveling the mysteries behind Maria and Airam’s reflections.

MovieLook Away
GenrePsychological Horror
Key CharactersMaria, Airam
ThemeDuality of human nature
ConclusionEmbrace of darker self
Look Away Plot

The Core Plot

Maria Brennan, a 17-year-old high school student, is the epitome of timidity. She’s bullied by her peers, especially by a schoolmate named Mark. Her only friend, Lily, is more of a frenemy, and to add to her woes, she secretly pines for Lily’s boyfriend, Sean.

At home, Maria’s relationship with her parents is strained. Her father, Dan, is a perfectionist plastic surgeon with a wandering eye, while her mother, Amy, grapples with depression and haunting nightmares.

One day, Maria stumbles upon a sonogram of twins, leading her to confront her reflection in the bathroom mirror. This reflection, named Airam (Maria spelled backward), promises to take away all of Maria’s pain. As the story unfolds, Maria and Airam’s worlds intertwine, leading to a series of dark and twisted events.

Does Airam Really Exist?

Look Away Maria and Airam

One of the most debated questions about the movie is the existence of Airam. Is she real, or is she just a figment of Maria’s imagination? The film suggests that Airam is a manifestation of Maria’s suppressed emotions and desires.

She represents everything Maria wishes she could be – confident, assertive, and unafraid to stand up to her bullies.

The sonogram Maria discovers hints at the possibility of her having a twin. This, combined with Amy’s recurring dreams, suggests that Maria’s mother might have been pregnant with twins at one point. However, one of the twins, presumably with a deformity, might have been left to die, leading to Maria’s creation of Airam as a coping mechanism.

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The Climactic Ending

Look Away Movie Climatic Ending

The climax of “Look Away” is both shocking and thought-provoking. After a series of vengeful acts, Maria chooses to distance herself from Airam. However, by the end of the movie, it’s evident that Maria’s transformation into Airam is complete. This metamorphosis symbolizes Maria’s loss of innocence and her embrace of maturity.

The film concludes with a poignant scene where Amy, Maria’s mother, holds both Maria and Airam, suggesting that the two have merged into one. This scene encapsulates the movie’s central theme – the duality of human nature and the internal battles we all face.

Personal Anecdote

Look Away Movie

I remember watching “Look Away” during its release and being utterly captivated by its narrative. It reminded me of the many times we confront our reflections, seeking validation, comfort, or even an escape. The movie serves as a stark reminder that sometimes, the real monsters are not external but lie within us.


What is the significance of the sonogram Maria finds?

The sonogram suggests that Maria might have had a twin, which plays a crucial role in the development of Airam’s character.

Why does Airam resort to violence?

Airam’s violent tendencies are a manifestation of Maria’s suppressed anger and desire for revenge against those who have wronged her.

Is the movie based on real events?

No, “Look Away” is a work of fiction, although it delves deep into real human emotions and struggles.

Why does Maria’s father want to perform surgery on her?

Maria's father surgery in Look away

Dan, Maria’s father, is obsessed with perfection. He sees Maria’s “flaws” and believes cosmetic surgery can fix them.

What does the ending of the movie signify?

The ending suggests that Maria and Airam have merged into one, symbolizing Maria’s acceptance of her darker side.

Is Airam a ghost or a supernatural entity?

The film hints that Airam is neither a ghost nor a supernatural entity but rather a manifestation of Maria’s suppressed emotions and desires.


Look Away Movie Ending Explained

“Look Away” is more than just a horror film. It’s a deep dive into the human psyche, exploring themes of identity, duality, and the battles we fight within ourselves. If this article resonated with you or piqued your interest, share it with your friends and dive deeper into the world of psychological thrillers.

Every movie has a story to tell, and sometimes, the real horror lies not in the supernatural but in the depths of the human mind.

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