Miguel Mawad Net Worth

Miguel Mawad Net Worth: The Millionaire Businessman’s Journey

Miguel Mawad, a name that resonates in the business corridors of Venezuela and beyond. But who is he? Beyond the impressive net worth and the headlines about his romantic escapades, there’s a story of ambition, success, and resilience. Let’s unravel the tale of this Venezuelan entrepreneur.

Miguel Mawad: Early Life and Background

Miguel Mawad Early Life

Born in the bustling city of Caracas in 1982, Miguel grew up surrounded by the vibrant culture of Venezuela. His father, Romeo Mikael Kaadou Mouawad, was a significant influence, having made a fortune in business.

With Arab roots and practicing the Muslim faith, Miguel’s mixed ethnicity added layers to his already intriguing persona.

Education: Laying the Foundation

Miguel wasn’t just about business; he valued education. Excelling in high school, he later pursued his higher studies at Universidad Metropolitana for Administracion. Those years not only shaped his academic prowess but also laid the groundwork for his future endeavors.

Miguel Mawad’s Career: From Banco Federal to MG

Starting his career at Banco Federal, Miguel quickly climbed the corporate ladder. His stint at BOD further solidified his reputation in the business world. Since 2011, he’s been making waves as an Analyst for MG. But it’s not just his business acumen that’s made headlines.

Romantic Endeavors: A Tale of Two Relationships

Miguel Mawad Girlfriend

Love and relationships have played a significant role in Miguel’s life. His marriage to Mariana Bakhos blessed them with two children. However, life had other plans, and the couple eventually parted ways. Miguel’s heart then found solace in the arms of Aleska Genesis Castellanos, a renowned model. But as fate would have it, they too went their separate ways.

The world watched with bated breath as Miguel entered a whirlwind romance with Venezuelan model and actress, Gaby Espino. Their appearance together at the Billboard Latin Music Awards was the talk of the town. However, like all good things, this too came to an end.

Controversies: The Dark Clouds

Life wasn’t always smooth sailing for Miguel. His involvement in Venezuelan politics brought its fair share of controversies. Especially his relationship with Gaby Espino, which faced backlash due to his political affiliations. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining.

Miguel Mawad Net Worth: Breaking Down the Numbers

With an estimated annual net worth of around USD 200k, Miguel lives life king-size. His business ventures have not only brought him wealth but also a lifestyle many can only dream of. While the exact details of his assets remain under wraps, one thing’s for sure – Miguel Mawad is living the dream.

Table of Information About Miguel Mawad Net Worth:

Full NameMiguel Mawad
Date of Birth1982
Place of BirthCaracas, Venezuela
EducationUniversidad Metropolitana for Administracion
Known RelationshipsMariana Bakhos, Aleska Genesis Castellanos, Gaby Espino
Career HighlightsTesoreria at Banco Federal, Analyst for MG
Estimated Net WorthUSD 200k annually
ControversiesInvolvement in Venezuelan politics
Social Media PresenceActive, especially on Instagram

Miguel Mawad on Social Media

A glance at his social media profiles, and you’ll see the influence Miguel wields. From business insights to glimpses of his personal life, his followers get a front-row seat to the life of this millionaire businessman.


Miguel Mawad’s life is a testament to the fact that with ambition and hard work, one can achieve great heights. From the bustling streets of Caracas to the global business stage, Miguel’s journey is nothing short of inspirational.

Through the ups and downs, controversies, and love stories, he remains a figure of admiration and intrigue.


How did Miguel Mawad amass his wealth?

Miguel’s wealth primarily comes from his successful business ventures and his role as an Analyst for MG.

Who are the women Miguel Mawad has been associated with?

Miguel has been in relationships with Mariana Bakhos, Aleska Genesis Castellanos, and Gaby Espino.

What controversies surrounded Miguel Mawad?

Miguel faced backlash due to his involvement in Venezuelan politics, especially during his relationship with Gaby Espino.

How did Miguel Mawad’s relationship with Gaby Espino affect his public image?

Their relationship was under scrutiny due to Miguel’s political affiliations, which didn’t sit well with Gaby’s fans.

Where does Miguel Mawad currently reside?

Miguel currently resides in Miami, living a luxurious life.

Written by Mahima Dixit