Gully Boy Quiz
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Only Someone Who Has Watched Gully Boy More Than 27 Times Can Get 100% In This Quiz

Apna Time Aayega became a lot of people’s anthem.

Murad and Safeena just seemed like one of us.

Are you one of those?

Who can sing Meri Gully Mein without a break?

Then this is for you! Come, dive into the quiz.

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    Gully Boy is set in which part of Mumbai?

    • Andheri
    • Bandra
    • Dharavi
    • Dombivili
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    Murad’s first rap was about…?

    • His love life
    • His troubled family
    • Existing inequalities in society
    • Love for his mother
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    Murad’s first breakthrough happened on…

    • YouTube
    • Instagram
    • Newspaper
    • TikTok
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    The movie has cameos from eminent real-life rappers, who is not one of them?

    • Emiway
    • Divine
    • KR$NA
    • Raftaar
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    Along with rappers the movie also had lyrics from the biggest lyricists in the movies. Which lyricist below is part of the movie?

    • Amitabh Bhattacharya
    • Javed Akhtar
    • Gulzar
    • Varun Grover
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    Safeena was a medical student in the movie. What was she pursuing to become?

    • Gynecologist
    • Cardiologist
    • Orthopedist
    • Surgeon
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    Sky reaches out to Murad after the music video for a…

    • Collaboration with Murad
    • Appreciating Murad
    • She was looking for MC Sher
    • She has fallen in love with him
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    Who says this in the film? – ‘Tere andar ka lava fatt ke bahar aane de’

    • Murad
    • Safeena
    • Moeen Arif
    • MC Sher
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    The movie is based on which 2 real life rappers?

    • Raftaar and Honey Singh
    • Emiway and Raftaar
    • Kr$Na & Nas
    • Naezy & Divine

Written by Sneha