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Who Is Lila Rossi’s Dad? All About Carter Rossi

Lila Rossi, a captivating character from the animated series “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir,” has intrigued fans worldwide. Her manipulative nature, combined with her mysterious background, has left many pondering about her family, especially her father.

This article delves deep into the enigma surrounding Lila Rossi’s parents, offering insights and addressing popular speculations.

Lila Rossi: A Brief Overview

Lila Rossi in Miraculous Ladybug

Lila Rossi is a student at College Françoise Dupont in Paris, France. Known for her kind demeanor, she is also the younger sister of Savanna Rossi. However, beneath this façade, Lila is a complex character, often manipulative and deceitful.

Her interactions with other characters, especially Marinette (Ladybug) and Adrien Agreste, have made her a focal point in the series. Lila’s transformation into the supervillain Volpina further cements her importance in the storyline.

The Enigma of Lila Rossi’s Father

While the show has given us glimpses into Lila’s life, her father’s identity remains shrouded in mystery. Various sources have speculated about her parents, with names like Carter and Clara Rossi emerging. However, the show has yet to confirm these speculations, leaving fans in suspense.

From the information gathered, it appears that Carter Rossi is mentioned as Lila’s father. However, the depth of his involvement in the series or his relationship with Lila is not elaborated upon. Some fan theories even suggest that Carter Rossi might be deceased, but this is based on non-canonical sources.

Lila’s Mother: Clara Rossi

Lila Rossi Mom Clara Rossi

Clara Rossi is identified as Lila’s mother in some speculations. Yet, just like with Carter, the series does not provide extensive details about her role or significance. The lack of concrete information about Lila’s parents adds to the intrigue surrounding her character.

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Lila’s Siblings and Extended Family

Lila and her sibling

While Lila’s immediate family remains a topic of speculation, there are mentions of potential siblings and extended family members. Some fanon sources suggest names like Flora Rossi (Lila’s daughter), Savanna Rossi (older sister), Viviana Rossi (sister), and Oliver Rossi (cousin).

However, it’s essential to approach these names with caution, as they might not be part of the official series canon.


Lila Rossi’s character in “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir” has intrigued fans with her mysterious background and manipulative nature. While speculations abound regarding her family, especially her father, the series has yet to provide concrete answers. As fans eagerly await more episodes, the mystery surrounding Lila’s family continues to deepen.

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Who is Lila Rossi?

Lila Rossi is a student at College Françoise Dupont in Paris, France, and a character in “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.” She is known for her manipulative nature and her transformation into Volpina.

Who is Lila Rossi’s father?

Lila Rossi’s father’s name is speculated to be Carter Rossi, but this has not been confirmed by the official series.

Who is Lila Rossi’s mother?

Lila Rossi’s mother is believed to be Clara Rossi, though this is based on speculations and not confirmed by the series.

Does Lila Rossi have any siblings?

There are mentions of potential siblings like Savanna and Viviana Rossi in fanon sources, but their existence in the official series is uncertain.

What is Lila Rossi’s age?

Lila Rossi is approximately 13 to 15 years old.

Who are Lila Rossi’s love interests in the series?

Lila Rossi has shown interest in Michael Jackson and Adrien Agreste.

Written by Pooja Malhotraa