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5 Reasons Why “Will Trent” is More Than Just a Crime Show

Sure, “Will Trent” has all the hallmarks of a gripping crime drama—mysteries, detectives, and high-stakes investigations. But if you think that’s all there is to this ABC hit, you’re sorely mistaken.

Here are five reasons why “Will Trent” transcends the typical crime show genre and offers something more.

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1. A Multi-Faceted Protagonist

Will Trent isn’t just another detective solving crimes. He’s a complex character with layers that go beyond his job. From his struggle with dyslexia to his traumatic upbringing in the foster care system, Will Trent is a character study in resilience and vulnerability.

His quirks and unique personality traits make him relatable and human, setting the show apart from other crime dramas that often feature one-dimensional leads.

2. Atlanta as a Living, Breathing Character

The show doesn’t just take place in Atlanta; it breathes life into the city. From the sepia-tinted scenes that capture Georgia’s sweltering heat to the soulful soundtrack that accompanies the narrative, “Will Trent” makes Atlanta more than just a backdrop.

It becomes a character in its own right, adding depth and atmosphere to the series.

3. A Diverse and Dynamic Cast

The casting choices in “Will Trent” are nothing short of brilliant. For instance, the character of Faith Mitchell, originally a white woman in the books, is portrayed by a Black actress, adding a new layer of depth to her partnership with Trent.

The ensemble cast brings a range of perspectives and backgrounds, making the show richer and more engaging.

4. More Than Just Crime-Solving

While the show does focus on solving crimes, it also delves into the personal lives and struggles of its characters. Whether it’s Trent’s complicated relationship with Angie Polaski, a fellow survivor of the foster care system, or his interactions with his pragmatic boss Amanda, the show explores themes of love, trauma, and personal growth.

This makes “Will Trent” not just a crime drama but a moving character study.

5. Breaking Crime Drama Clichés

“Will Trent” avoids the trap of becoming another formulaic crime drama by taking risks and breaking clichés. From its unique storytelling approach to its focus on character development, the show offers a fresh perspective on the crime genre.

It’s not just about solving the case of the week; it’s about understanding the people involved in these high-stakes situations.

“Will Trent” is more than just another show about detectives and criminals. It’s a multi-layered narrative that delves into the complexities of its characters and setting, offering viewers a richer, more fulfilling experience.

If you haven’t tuned in yet, you’re missing out on one of the most compelling shows on television.

Written by Siddhi Vishesh