The Boys Season 4 Fan Theories

7 Fan Theories About The Boys Season 4 That Could Actually Happen

Hey there, fans of The Boys! If you thought the series couldn’t get any crazier, you’re in for a treat. The internet is buzzing with fan theories about what could happen in Season 4, and some of them are so compelling that they might just turn out to be true.

So, let’s dive into seven fan theories about The Boys Season 4 that are too good to ignore.

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1. The Deep’s Redemption Arc

One of the most talked-about theories is that The Deep will have a redemption arc in Season 4. After being sidelined and humiliated in previous seasons, fans believe it’s time for him to rise from the ashes and maybe, just maybe, become a hero—or at least less of a villain.

2. Homelander’s Downfall

Homelander has been the face of evil in the series, but could Season 4 be the end of the road for him? Some fans speculate that his increasing instability will lead to his downfall, possibly at the hands of Starlight or even his own son, Ryan.

3. The Return of Lamplighter

Yes, you read that right. Even though Lamplighter met a fiery end, some fans believe he could return in some form—perhaps as a clone or even a hallucination haunting one of the characters, most likely Hughie.

4. The Boys Going International

With the Vought Corporation extending its reach globally, some fans theorize that The Boys might take their fight international. Imagine our favorite anti-heroes battling supes in different countries. Now that’s a season we’d love to watch!

5. The Secret Behind Compound V

Compound V has always been shrouded in mystery, but Season 4 might finally reveal its origins. Fans speculate that the serum could have extraterrestrial origins, adding a whole new layer to the story.

6. A-Train’s Betrayal

A-Train has been walking a fine line between hero and villain. Some fans believe that he will betray The Seven in Season 4, possibly aligning himself with The Boys or another faction entirely.

7. The Real Identity of Black Noir

Black Noir has been an enigma since the series began. Fans are speculating that Season 4 will finally reveal his true identity, and some even believe he could be a clone of Homelander.

So there you have it—seven fan theories about The Boys Season 4 that are so intriguing, they might just come true. Whether you’re rooting for The Deep’s redemption or eagerly awaiting the reveal of Black Noir’s identity, Season 4 promises to be a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns. Stay tuned!

Written by Neelesh