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Who Is Taina Williams? Everything You Need To Know About The Reality Star

Rising Instagram Star and Reality TV Celebrity

Taina Williams is one of the most controversial reality TV and social media celebrities.

The 24-year-old Instagram celebrity rose to fame after getting engaged to rapper G Herbo.

Taina Williams with Rapper G Herbo

Taina grew up in Los Angeles, USA, with her mother, Emily Bustamante. Taina has been a star child and has been in the limelight since childhood.

This was owing to her mother’s popularity and extensive work in the show business.

Emily, her mother, is a stylist and fashion designer. She worked in the Love & Hip Hop franchise in the early 2010s.

Following this, even Taina Williams was part of the subsequent seasons of Love & Hip Hop: New York. Emily also made an appearance in the same.

Taina, the Social Media Celebrity

Taina is quite a popular figure in the online community, clocking over 2 million followers.

She had an ardent love for modeling. Living up to her dream of getting into modeling, Taina went on to work with some of the best modeling brands. And then, Williams got into the business of Instagram.

She worked towards becoming an internet celebrity right after she completed high school. Thus, the 24-year-old model rose to fame with her pictures and curating an Instagram loved by the audience.

After consistent growth on Instagram, Taina started endorsing brands that came her way. She frequently collaborates with beauty, health, and fitness brands.

Her first brand collaboration was with the health and fitness brand Teami Blends.

Over the years, Williams has grown as a lifestyle blogger. Currently, her feed is full of her life, and she has been blogging entirely about her regular life.

What is the net worth of Taina William?

Taina Williams Net Worth

Portals assumed that Taina Williams’s net worth stands somewhere from $6 million to $8 million.

Her primary source of income currently is her work as a model and her earnings from Instagram collaborations.

Her primary collaborators are Pretty Little Thing, Fashion Nova, and Missguided. These are some of the popular high-end fashion brands.

Taina’s Personal Life

Taina’s personal life has also always been in the limelight just as much as her work. As for all-star kids, her life has been scrutinized by the public eye since her childhood.

Her father’s whereabouts have not been out. Emily, her mother, had guarded that part of their lives very strictly. However, it is believed that her father had an African- American origin.

Thus, Taina William has a multicultural heritage. Her mom being Puerto Rican and her father being Afro-American give her that status.

Emily has been dating Fabolous for over two decades now. Fabolous is considered Taina’s step-dad. Taina also rose to fame and built her connections. Possibly because of close relations with her family. Currently, she is dating rapper Herbert Randall Wright III, who goes by G Herbo.

Taina Williams with rapper Herbert Randall Wright III, G Herbo

The couple has been together since 2019. There also have been multiple rumors and controversies around their relationship.

It was rumored that Taina was the reason behind G Herbo and his break-up with his ex Ariana Fletcher.

The couple has a child together and expects their second child sometime this year.

Taina Williams with her family

The Controversies

As said earlier, there have been multiple controversies surrounding the couple’s relationship.

Recently, this year, Ariana accused her of harming her 3-year-old son.

Ariana had put up a statement on Instagram saying Taina had hurt her son when he went over to the rapper’s home.

She said,

“How about, to tell the truth for ONCE. Tell them how my son came home with a scar on him and saying what Taina did to him while you weren’t home and even tho he told you out his mouth what she did and he was crying and she didn’t help him and she’s mean to him and he doesn’t like her and s*** happened while you weren’t home.”

However, Herbo stood by Taina and reiterated, saying that this is ‘sick behavior’.

The spat became an online duel very soon. Taina also claimed this untrue and reprimanded Ariana for her undue hatred.

Taina has been going strong in her personal and professional life for a long time. Although she had enough support from her family, she has carved a niche over the years.

The Starkid has shed her identity as one of the many star kids. Taina Williams has now built her career as a model and Instagram celebrity at a very young age.


Who is Taina Williams?

Taina Williams is a 24-year-old Instagram celebrity and reality TV star who rose to fame after getting engaged to rapper G Herbo.

What is Taina Williams known for?

Taina Williams is known for her work as a model, her Instagram collaborations, and her appearances in the reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop: New York.”

What is Taina Williams’ net worth?

Taina Williams’ net worth is estimated to be between $6 million to $8 million, primarily earned from her work as a model and her earnings from Instagram collaborations.

Who are Taina Williams’ parents?

Taina Williams’ mother is Emily Bustamante, a stylist and fashion designer who worked in the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise. The identity of her father has not been publicly disclosed.

Who is Taina Williams dating?

Taina Williams is currently dating rapper Herbert Randall Wright III, also known as G Herbo.

What controversies has Taina Williams been involved in?

Taina Williams has been involved in several controversies, including rumors about her relationship with G Herbo and accusations from Ariana Fletcher, G Herbo’s ex, about harming her son.

Written by Sneha