Perfect Blue
Image Source: MUBI

10 Most Memorable Quotes from ‘Perfect Blue’

1. Mima Kirigoe: “The truth is that today more than ever, I wanted to have a good time with you.”

2. Mima’s Ghost: “Nobody cares for you anymore. You’re tarnished and you’re filthy.”

3. Mima Kirigoe: “You’re the imposter! I’m not gonna take this anymore!”

4. Eri Ochiai: “There is no way illusions can come to life.”

5. Mima’s Ghost: “That’s funny. Mima is a pop idol…and you’re just a dirty old imposter!”

6. Rumi Hidaka: “A RAPE scene? You have got to be out of your mind.”

7. Mima’s Ghost: “You’re the one who needs to wake up.”

8. Eri Ochiai: “How do you know that the person you were one second ago, is the same person that you are right now?”

9. Mima Kirigoe: “What? This isn’t true. I didn’t write this!”

10. Uchida (Me-Mania): “You bad girl — you have to follow the script.”

Written by Mahima Dixit