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Insidious 5: The Red Door – Showtimes and More

Have you ever been so engrossed in a horror movie that you felt the chills run down your spine? The Insidious franchise has been doing just that for years, and now, they’re back with their latest installment, “Insidious: The Red Door.”

If you’re eager to know about the showtimes, cast, and what to expect, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive deep into the world of “Insidious 5” and uncover the mysteries behind the red door.

Movie TitleInsidious: The Red Door
Release DateJuly 7, 2023
Main CastPatrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, etc.
Runtime2h 5m
SynopsisFinal chapter of the Lambert family’s saga.

What’s Behind the Red Door?

In “Insidious: The Red Door,” the horror franchise’s original cast returns for the final chapter of the Lambert family’s terrifying saga. The story revolves around Josh (Patrick Wilson) and a college-aged Dalton (Ty Simpkins) who are on a mission to put their demons to rest.

To achieve this, they must venture deeper into The Further than ever before, confronting their family’s dark past and a myriad of new, even more horrifying terrors that lurk behind the ominous red door.

Did you know? The original cast from the Insidious series, including Patrick Wilson (who is also making his directorial debut), Ty Simpkins, Rose Byrne, and Andrew Astor, are back to give you goosebumps. The movie also stars Sinclair Daniel and Hiam Abbass and is produced by renowned names like Jason Blum, Oren Peli, James Wan, and Leigh Whannell. The screenplay is crafted by Scott Teems, based on a story by Leigh Whannel and Scott Teems, and features characters created by Leigh Whannell.

Reviews and Expectations

While the Insidious series has been a favorite for many, some critics believe that the franchise might have overstayed its welcome. Some reviews suggest that the movie has numerous dream sequences that might confuse even the most devoted fans.

For those new to the Insidious world, the story might seem a bit under-developed, with scares that might feel a tad familiar. However, for franchise fans, seeing the Lamberts again will be a treat.

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Showtimes and Where to Watch

While specific showtimes might vary based on your location, most major theaters, including Cinemark, AMC Theatres, Atom Tickets, and Showcase Cinemas, are expected to screen “Insidious: The Red Door.”

It’s always a good idea to check the respective theater’s website or app for the most accurate and up-to-date showtimes near you.

FAQs about Insidious 5 Showtimes

When is the release date for “Insidious: The Red Door”?

The movie is set to release on July 7, 2023.

Who are the main actors in the movie?

The film stars Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Andrew Astor, Hiam Abbass, Peter Dager, Sinclair Daniel, and AJ Dyer.

Is this the last movie in the Insidious series?

Yes, “Insidious: The Red Door” is touted as the final chapter of the Lambert family’s saga.

How long is the movie?

The movie has a runtime of approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes.

Is the original cast returning for this installment?

Yes, the original cast from the Insidious series is back for this movie.

Where can I buy tickets for “Insidious: The Red Door”?

Tickets can be purchased from major theaters’ websites or apps, such as Cinemark, AMC Theatres, Atom Tickets, and Showcase Cinemas.

I remember the first time I watched an Insidious movie. It was a cold winter night, and the eerie silence outside perfectly complemented the chilling scenes on the screen. The franchise has always had a knack for delivering genuine scares, and I’m eagerly awaiting this latest installment.

With the original cast returning and the promise of uncovering more about The Further, this is one movie I won’t be missing!


“Insidious: The Red Door” promises to be a thrilling ride, filled with suspense, horror, and mysteries waiting to be unraveled. If you’re a fan of the series or just love a good horror movie, make sure to check it out.

And once you’ve seen it, don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences with others. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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